How the fragrance commercials have evolved over time

Today we have prepared a very special post to recall the best perfume ads of all times and how the fragrance commercials have evolved over time.

Christmas is coming, and it is one of those times of the year when we can see lots of perfume commercials on tv. In fact, according to NPD almost 50% of all perfume sales for the entire year take place in November and December.

In this regard, perfume brands produce tv ads that can help the audience decide what kind of fragrances they want to buy even before smelling it! How? With a holistic approach, telling a story that can reach audience feelings and can enchant them even before they realize. Also, these ads expose certain values, a specific lifestyle that addresses to different audiences.

The fragrance commercials over time

Moreover, these perfume commercials also show us the evolution of fragrance world with time. First commercials were more direct, and the perfume bottle was the main character, but, over the years, a fascinating approach has dominated the creativity on tv ads: storytelling.

Nowadays, ads tell a story, keep the audience watching until the end, and, if they are impressive, make the audience fall for them and they go straight forward to a shop to see how they smell. But, apart from storytelling, most recently, perfume ads are also being valued due to their ability to change stereotypes and to fight against conventions.

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TOP 7 perfume ads of recent times

A new and revolutionary approach not only because of the ad style but also because the fragrance introduced was unisex, something really common now but not at that time. We firmly believe in unisex fragrances as fragrances don´t need to be female or male, fragrances are for those who like them, those who feel good with the different olfactory notes that form the fragrance.

Chanel has launched lots of commercial ads equally successful. But, this one makes a difference, because the story is so solid that still today it feels like it could be advertised on tv. Chanel Nº5 is an iconic symbol of perfumery, an example of how unique fragrances can last forever.

Old Spice launched an original campaign to reposition its brand and address to a younger public. Creative, funny, and, perhaps, a bit controversial, no doubt, this campaign made a difference when comparing it with other ads.

A master piece, directed by Martin Scorsese and with Scarlet Johansson and Mathew McConaughey starring, this ad tells a love story. The quality of the images, the actors´ performance, the style and the music help consumers fall in love with this commercial.

A different approach on men perfume ads. Instead of showing us the confidence and sculpted body of the protagonist, this Diesel ad exposes the insecurities of some men and asks a question (What if?) that leads to the main message “Only The Brave”.

Elegant, seductive and controversial. Directed by Joe Wright, this ad takes the consumer to a journey that intends to break with stereotypes and representing the values this perfume defends: women are beautiful, independent and mischievous.

It has taken the perfume advertising to the next level. The brand surprised last year with an unexpected tv commercial that broke “old rules”: elegance, posing, smile, love story… In this ad, the main character escapes from an event to let herself free and to amaze the viewers with her “spontaneity”. Hands up!

By the way, did you know that this ad was inspired by a videoclip of Fatboy Slim? The director is actually the same: Spike Jonze.

Are any of these perfume ads among your favourites? Tell us what you think!