Consumer trends arrive to fragrance world. Find out what´s hot this summer season!

Summer smells of tropical fruits, fresh scents, beachy fragrances… We all love those perfumes that cheer us up when temperatures are too high or those fragrances that remind us of summer and holidays.

However, perfumery is full of surprises. This year you won’t only find those fresh and fruity fragrances, as there are also three trends that have taken their place in perfumery and personal care markets. They are related to food, beverages and sunbathing. Curious? Keep reading.


Fragrance world is deeply connected to consumer trends and lifestyle. When something become popular in society, it will be reflected in perfumery sooner rather than later. The latest smoothie craze is another example which has create a new trend in perfumery. A trend which has inspired us and helps us to innovate and keep capturing sensations.

Smoothies are a blend of fruits, veggies and seeds, all in one drink. With exotic flavours, and flashy colours, they are refreshing, tasty and revitalizing. This has led to make them the latest super food, rich in antioxidants, vitamins, proteins and minerals, very popular among celebrities, gymgoers or vegans. Cosmetics products with fruits extracts try to link with this healthy trendy lifestyle, claiming antiaging, energizing or detoxifying properties.

At Eurofragrance, we have been working on different fragrances to cater this kind of healthy cosmetics and toiletries. Scents for shower gels based on fruity, tropical, vegetal notes thanks to accords like litchi, kale, guava, dragon fruit, passionflower, avocado or chia seeds, help us to recreate a healthy juicy concoction and strengthen the link between health and cosmetics.


Especially in summer, consumers feel good with those products that smell like sunscreen, those that reflect the sensation of being on the beach, feeling the sun rays on our skin…

The term solar notes was first used in the 00’s in perfumery, but was long time present in sun cream products. Benzyl Salicylate is one of those molecules which give a warm, floral, salty, sun kissed skin effect. During years, many salicylates were used as sun blocking substances in sunscreen, creating the bond between these products and accords, and of course, summer holidays.

Also, salicylates are used to recreate exotic floral as frangipani or ylang ylang, which carry us to exotic far away paradises, white beaches and sea breeze.  Blended with tropical fruits such as mango or papaya, the solar note is ready to blow your mind with summer memories.

Solar notes are “blooming” in Eurofragance. Our perfumers have created different fragrances which play with summer moments and sensations: the smell of exotic sunny florals, the feeling of your skin after a beach walk, the atmosphere of a sunset, the sea breeze… Scents are not only nice smells but also powerful triggers of emotions, feelings and memories.


Coconut is a tropical fruit originally restricted to tropical, subtropical and warm climates. It is a good source of protein and has different uses like milk, chips, copra, candies, salad, and other sweet delicacies. The oil produced from coconut is commonly used for skin, hair, and facial care. Furthermore, coconut water is a pure and healthy water, rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals such as Potassium or Zinc.  According to Euromonitor, coconut water drinks grew 350% between 2011 and 2017 in volume sales, only in the USA.

Traditionally in Personal Care, the coconut accord has been fruity, milky, sweet and enveloping. However, due to the popularity of the tropical beverage, we have created different coconut water accords, inspired by the popular drink, avoiding those sweet and milky notes: these accords include fruity juicy notes, such as pineapple, starfruit, watermelon or pear, making them delicious exotic cocktails which keep the coconut “essence” but with a refreshing watery twist. Many personal care and toiletries brands are now taking this new olfactory approach.

Summer 2017, you smell so good!