There are scents specifically created for cosmetic products used before, during or after doing sport

People do more exercise. That´s a fact. Nowadays, we all are aware of the benefits that a healthy lifestyle has on our health and our wellbeing. Running, swimming, cycling, paddling, every one of us prefers one sport to another but it doesn´t matter because is still beneficial and good for us to keep in shape.

This has led to a rising market of products targeted to this new class of active consumers.  Among them, specific cosmetic products that adapt to this blooming lifestyles, such as creams and oils that are activated by temperature, water or sweat, or fragrances that help you work out harder.

In order to identify lifestyle trends and create fragrances which can fit in new cosmetic products, our Marketing Sensorial Studio, Applications Sensolab Studio, evaluators, perfumers, etc… keep their eyes open to social changes. Once they have identified a trend, they create fragrance collections to cater that trend. In this specific case, sport cosmetics, we have created collections for both men and women cosmetics. Although fragrances for sport cosmetics were first born in men products, cosmetics for women are now growing to cater a new group of women who train hard.

You might be wondering what is the difference between fragrances created for cosmetics and those created for “sport cosmetics”. Fragrances created for products that are used before, during or after sport have got specific characteristics:

  • They are fresh, citrus, marine, and they feel “clean”.
  • They are created to fit cosmetics products and their performance. They work well on specific situations. For example: to keep working under sweat or to have a relaxing effect after sport and shower.
  • Most of them tend to be unisex.

A couple of years ago this trend seemed to be a niche market, but now a whole new range of products are in the personal care and fragrance markets. A new, authentic sport’s beauty market emerges, seen as a natural extension of fitness clothes and supplements.

At Eurofragance we keep creating and innovating to capture sensations through our fragrances.

Stay tuned! We will talk very soon about a new collection for body care products.