An innovative collection of six fragrances which invite us to travel back in time thanks to the reinvention of classic perfumery accords

Eurofragance evokes our olfactory memories and our innermost feelings in #REMEMORIES, the collection of six fragrances that the company presents this year at the Beautyworld Middle East fair.

#REMEMORIES recaptures the most emblematic accords of classic perfumery to modernize and adapt them to the latest trends both Eastern and Western.

A genuine sensorial journey through time, an exciting look into your memories, your feelings and your senses to discover the beauty of timeless perfumery with a new perspective. The introduction of new raw materials gives these six fragrances deep and vibrant olfactory accords that make a difference.

These new essences pay tribute to classic perfumery and its heritage in order to create new classics of modern perfumery.

Let your senses travel along several different moments in your life, let them be enchanted by the scent of Absolue Eau, Eau Addictive, Fluo Essence, French Style, From Paris to Dubai and Neoriental. Unique fragrances created by mixing present and past are different, vintage, sophisticated and timeless.

In the last edition of Beautyworld Middle East, Eurofragance also surprised with a series of six fragrances ” Arabian Nights” in a clear evidence of their commitment to creativity and the generation of trends in the Middle East.

Leader in creation and production of fragrances for this area of the planet, Eurofragance opened last November a creative centre in Dubai, dedicated to the design of essences, evaluation, implementation and manufacture of samples. The sole purpose of having the best tools for the development of new products, responding quickly to the needs of each customer and leading the market trends.

The “Beautyworld Middle East” showcases the latest trends in the sector of perfume and beauty products.

With nearly 30,000 visitors in 2015, from 119 countries, this fair is among the most influential in the world of perfumes. At Eurofragance we are all ready for Beautyworld Middle East 2016. Soon we will give you more details. Stay tuned.