As part of our ambitious expansion plan, focusing on growth and profitability, we opened a new branch in Asia – in India, specifically – at present with Mayur Kapse at the helm as the General Manager of Eurofragance India.

One of the company’s pillars is international growth, with India being one of the priority countries in which we hope to expand our activity.

Here at Eurofragance, we have been supplying the Indian market for years via our branch in Dubai, where we have been designing fragrances adapted to the needs and preferences of consumers in the countries of the Persian Gulf and India. Now, our offices in Mumbai focus on Indian consumers’ needs. 

We recently interviewed Mayur Kapse and Antoine de Riedmatten – Global Sales Director and General Manager for Eurofragance in the IMEA region – and they both emphasized that a local presence was needed to be competitive and offer Indian clients the best quality and services.

Mayur Kapse told us he holds a Master’s degree in Analytical Chemistry and has worked in both technical and commercial contexts, which has helped him to understand all the various complexities and applications of fragrances.  For Mayur, it is extremely important to know how to smell and capture fragrances and to be able to love what you do.

Of course, India is traditionally known as a land of fragrances; incense and essences have been around for years there, and perfumes have always played a part in its royalty’s history.

However, as the Indian market has evolved, so have consumers’ preferences, which differ according to geographical area. The South is more traditional in its tastes, while those in the North prefer more modern, western notes. “It is crucial that we understand how culture plays a key role”, Mayur pointed out.

Likewise, he underlined the need to offer clients the best quality fragrances in the fastest possible delivery time. His vision for Eurofragance India involves building a complete creative team to provide clients with comprehensive support in the product development process. Furthermore, with the help of Eurofragance’s global strategy team and Antoine de Riedmatten’s industry experience, he thinks they will achieve this in just a few years.