We are in that season of the year when we all seek sun light, get tan and have fun on the beach or at the pool. Don´t forget sunscreen though! All about sunscreen just below

Sun, water, relax, cocktail in hand…yay we are on holiday! But don´t forget protecting your skin from damaging rays! Welcome to the sunscreen world. There are some secrets about sunscreen lotions we want you to know and also about that captivating fragrance everyone loves.

  1. What SPF actually means?

Along with a number, the Sun Protection Factor (SPF) refers to the amount of time you get protection when you apply sunscreen. Let´s say your skin gets burned within 10 minutes sunbathing. If you use SPF 20, your skin will get burned 20 times after, which means 200 minutes after being sunbathing, 3 hours and 20 minutes.

However, the SPF indicates the protection against UVB rays, means it protects our skin from getting burned. To avoid UVA rays, the ones that can penetrate deeper into the dermis, the thickest layer of the skin, we should check on the sunscreen label “Broad Spectrum”.

  1. Why has it got an expiry date?

Sunscreens are commonly made with specifically formulated stabilizers that protect its effectiveness for up to two years, but that’s supposing you didn´t leave the sunscreen under the sun heat for too long. It is advisable to store the solar protection lotion in a place with cool temperature and try and keep it in the shade when you go to the beach or pool.

  1. How its smell can be so likeable?

It might be because its smell reminds us summer time; it reminds us journeys to the beach; when our mum used to apply sunscreen on our skin; and it also makes us recall those days when our partner gave us a massage at the same time they put the lotion on our back…

As all kind of smells, the smell of sunscreen, take us back in time, helps us recall good times and, why not, its scent is good!

Eurofragance works with the different regional teams and perfumers in order to get fragrances that take into account cultural tastes through unique scents. In addition, our applications team performs all necessary tests to ensure the stability of the fragrance in the sunscreen cream and check that there isn’t any modification over time.