Once summer is over, and fall approaches, there is, every year, a sense of excitement in the air at Eurofragance… Beautyworld Middle East (BWME) is just around the corner!  For us, BWME is nothing more than the biggest event of the year, and we take it seriously and prepare for it months in advance.  This Dubai-based trade fair is a great opportunity for us to connect with our customers—especially those in the region.  But it is also the occasion to present our latest perfumes, our innovations (as we did last year with the introduction of our captive, L’Âme du Bois™), our ideas and so much more.

So, here we are again.  In just a couple of days Beautyworld Middle East opens its doors to over 30,000 professionals in the industry of well-being products, cosmetics and fragrances.  And, we are ready to welcome all of you who have a passion for perfume and artistic creation at our stand, which this year is named the Eurofragance ArtLab Gallery.  Think of it as visiting an art gallery, where the works of art are exhibited along with a fragrance to complement it, where Artist and Perfumer have come together to create, a place where you, as a visitor, will feel inspired by a painting or a perfume.

We feed on creativity

The concept and name “ArtLab Gallery” refers to the visual arts, but also to the “lab,” the place where fragrances are developed.  We are of the opinion that perfumes are also works of art and that great Perfumers are true artists.  But above all, it is our goal to show you, in full transparency, how we work and how we foster creativity.  We eat, sleep and breathe creativity every day.  In order to create a fragrance, you need an insatiable appetite for creativity… you also need knowledge and loads of talent.

Every one of the five pieces of artwork displayed in the Eurofragance ArtLab Gallery is the result of the collaboration between a seasoned Eurofragance Perfumer and a young female Artist between the ages of 17 and 21, currently living in the UAE.  For a Perfumer working with a young female creator, this was a golden opportunity to tap into a fresh perspective, to hear about the aspirations of today’s youth and to be inspired by an up-and-coming Artist.  In talking to the Artists, we learned that for each one of them, the possibility of collaborating with a Perfumer was extremely enriching.  To say that, all together, they loved the project, would not be an exaggeration.

Beyond creativity, a question of common values

Beyond simply gathering new creative ideas and new sources of inspiration, lies an equally important objective, that of supporting culture and being able to shine the spotlight on women who deserve to be recognized for their immense talent.  While all five of the female artists we worked with live in the UAE, they come from different horizons, including India, Iran and, of course, the UAE.  Their common passion is art, but it often takes on different forms, from acrylic on canvas to wax sculptures via digital screens.

It was not only a pleasure to discover these young women’s artistic talent, but it was also fascinating to hear each one them talk about their artistic philosophy, their dreams and views on today’s society.  Every single one of them exhibited enthusiasm for the project, remained completely open-minded and demonstrated an innovative spirit.  These are the types of values that we embrace at Eurofragance and that we seek to apply in our professional dealings.

A different way of creating fragrances and doing business

We thoroughly enjoyed putting together this art show and bringing together different people with different backgrounds, but with a common passion for creativity and a common set of values.  Yes, it is a different way of operating, but at Eurofragance we see things from a different perspective.  It is such a philosophy that allows us to not only differentiate ourselves in the industry, but also—and more importantly—enables us to create superior fragrances for your brands to help them stand out from your competitors.

On a final note, if there is an artistic creation that you particularly appreciated in the Eurofragance ArtLab Gallery this year a BWME, and you would like to acquire it, let us know.  If it’s one of the perfumes we showcased, we would be happy to discuss how we can work it into your portfolio of products; if it’s one of the works of art, we will share with you how it can be purchased.