In-cosmetics Global Barcelona has come to end and was the opportunity for Eurofragance to launch its latest technology, Verdenix™.  This past March, Marina Melendo, presented her findings on Verdenix™ at the CED Annual Meeting, and Marco Lombardi at in-cosmetics.  Marina and Marco are respectively, R&D Junior Scientist and Innovation to Market (ITM) Scientist at Eurofragance.  Verdenix™ is the latest addition to our company’s broad platform dedicated to malodor counteraction and has shown promising results in the elimination of unpleasant smells.

The Origin of the Problem

Both Marina and Marco opened their presentations by explaining why our brain is triggered to perceive disagreeable odors and what origins these smells can have.  An unpleasant smell can be the signal that something isn’t right, unsafe of even dangerous; case in point, food that has gone bad or the smell of smoke.

Nowadays, consumers—in fact, pretty much all of us—want to smell “nice” and clean.  We also want our living spaces to be inviting and comfortably scented.  Eliminating malodors has become the social norm and because even when something smells a little bad, it is already too much, we wish to deal with unpleasant smells efficaciously and rapidly.

Verdenix™ to the Rescue

Having understood this need for efficacy and speed, Marina and Marco undertook the challenge of developing an ingredient that could accelerate malodor elimination.  While they sought top performance, they also wanted to promote natural and upcycled materials—fortunately, this was, in fact, possible.  R&D identified natural residues resulting from the production of another fragrance ingredient, that was susceptible to generate a positive effect and studied the conditions under which these residues performed best.  ITM then contributed to the implementation of the technology in fragrance solutions destined for in-wash Personal Care and Home Care products.

In the case of liquid hand soap, for instance, the malodor counteraction must happen quickly; the effect has to occur within the time it takes to wash our hands.  Because of this time constraint, many other technologies don’t have enough time to express their full potential.  Verdenix™, however, boosts the elimination of food odors such as fish on hands.

A Toolbox of Solutions Against Malodors

Verdenix™ finds its rightful place on our EuroPure™ platform, a toolbox of technologies, that can be deployed in consumer products to counteract bad odors.  The platform’s tagline: “Experience pure serenity” says a lot.  EuroPure™ combines technical solutions with the creativity of Perfumers to purify a surface or an environment.  This toolbox is comprised of three distinct approaches: harmonization, chemical elimination and proprietary ingredients to tackle different types of malodors in different ways, and can be used individually or in combination with one another.  The objective being to offer customized solutions to rid a room, fabrics, skin… of unpleasant odors.  Importantly, EuroPure™ allows us to offer our customers turnkey solutions that are already fully integrated in the fragrance we develop for a specific brief.  No extra steps are needed in the production process.

The key message for the audiences present at CED and in-cosmetics Global is that we are fully equipped to help our customers launch and market products that can efficaciously counteract malodors.  We have a broad toolbox of solutions and Verdenix™, our latest active ingredient, is just one great example of our innovative approach in this area.