• The fragrance house participates in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiatives.
  • Eurofragance receives the seal of recognition as a Member Company of the « Empowering Women’s Talent » program.

Barcelona, May 2, 2023. – The multinational fragrance company Eurofragance has joined « Empowering Women’s Talent » and « Diversity Leading Company, » the new programs of Equipos & Talento magazine, which promote and encourage team diversity, gender equality, social inclusion and female talent within companies. For Eurofragance, to be committed to equal opportunities and to continue championing these values is a strategic and priority objective.

The « Empowering Women’s Talent » development program focuses on empowering women to become tomorrow’s corporate leaders. With this partnership, Eurofragance is recognized as a Member Company of the « Empowering Women’s Talent » program. This seal demonstrates the organization’s commitment to the development of female leadership and talent. As part of this initiative, the fragrance house had the opportunity to join the third edition of the Cross Mentoring program along with other companies based in Spain, with six of its own mentors and six mentees. The « Diversity Leading Company » program will promote the management of diversity and inclusion within teams.

According to the World Economic Forum, at the current rate of progression, it will take one hundred years to close the global gender gap in the world’s business organizations. Eurofragance joined these talent and diversity programs to raise awareness, inspire and motivate its teams. Marta Jiménez Belmonte, People & Operations Specialist and leader of the Equality Plan at Eurofragance, says: « At Eurofragance we are committed to a more diverse and inclusive leadership and work environment. Joining these programs is a great opportunity to further promote an inclusive corporate culture with a greater awareness of gender equality and diversity within the company. »


Equality, diversity and inclusion

As a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact, Eurofragance is already committed to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and, in this case, global goals five and ten on Gender Equality and Reducing Inequalities.

The multinational already ensures the well-being and ongoing training of its staff through various initiatives in all its affiliates. The fragrance house states that over than half of the decision-making positions, 52% to be precise, are occupied by women. The company also collaborates with the special employment center Miton, through which it hires people at risk of exclusion at its Rubí plant and at its headquarters in Sant Cugat del Vallès, near Barcelona. Among other actions, Eurofragance provides training on inclusion, diversity and gender equality and inclusive language to its entire workforce, as well as providing information on its sexual harassment protocol.

Promoting diversity, implementing equity policies and encouraging individuals to speak up are all part of the company’s comprehensive transformation program. Eurofragance puts its people first because it is aware that the company’s survival depends on the people who work there today and those who will work there in the future.

Joining both the « Empowering Women’s Talent » and « Diversity Leading Company » programs will enable Eurofragance to take part in various training, visibility and networking events such as « Women’s Talent Day » and « Diversity & Inclusion Day. » The fragrance house’s participation in these initiatives means that at a strategic level, greater diversity in leadership and decision-making is encouraged, ensuring that ideas and approaches are more diverse. It also ensures a more inclusive, equitable work culture and a more attractive company for potential talent. In addition, this membership will enable the fragrance house to raise awareness even more effectively among both its workforce and its communities.