A Refreshing New Ingredient

A New High Impact Ingredient: Euphorion™

The Scientists of our Innovation Center, working in collaboration with Perfumers set out to uncover a high impact material with an interesting sensorial profile for fragrance designers and consumers alike. In our search—and research—we identified an ingredient that delivered intense green, freshness at surprisingly low concentrations, while blending effortlessly with other perfumery raw materials. We named this new, synthetic material Euphorion™ as this designation fits well with the exhilarating and uplifting effect it produces in a composition. Euphorion™ is our third proprietary ingredient in just as many years, following the launch of L'Âme du Bois™ and Verdenix™.

1 ppm

of Euphorion™ is enoughto make an olfactive impact

Euphorion™ Conveys a NaturalSensation of Freshness

Euphorion™ offers several significant advantages in perfume creation. From a purely olfactive perspective, Euphorion™ has a natural, fresh green profile unlike any other ingredient on the market. In itself, this is refreshing news in the world of perfumery materials as it will make products fragranced with Euphorion™ stand out. While fresh notes are usually quite volatile and dissipate quickly, our new captive prolongs the lasting freshness experience. Even though Euphorion™ has strong olfactive characteristics, it is also able to boost those of other ingredients in a perfume composition. For instance, with Euphorion™, citrus and aromatic notes are enhanced to convey even more freshness. This one of a kind material is ideal in niche perfumes, shower gels, air fresheners and almost any other product format.

A Newcomer in Our ICON Program

Our new captive, Euphorion™ has been included in our ICON Program, which is our strategic initiative for an even more qualitative and sustainable palette. Euphorion™ meets the two essential criteria to be considered iconic, by our definition: an outstanding olfactive profile and a proven sustainability value. Regarding the latter, Euphorion™ is a synthetic material that is not made with any plants. Its production requires little energy and generates minimal waste. Even when used at a minimum dosage it produces a maximum effect. While we have produced several proprietary ingredients to date, Euphorion™ is the first synthetic one to be included in our ICON Captives Collection. Our Perfumers will use Euphorion™ for its exciting olfactive and sustainable attributes in the fragrances they create for your brands.