Values and Compliance

Our Decisions Are Driven by Our Values

The Fundamentals We Stand For

Fragrance companies produce chemicals, some are natural and some are synthetic. Either way, we, like all other players in the field, have a responsibility to respect a clear set of fundamentals and practices. At Eurofragance, we see this responsibility as an obligation to care for people and planet.

We care about people—all people—by respecting human rights and labor laws.  Eurofragance applies strict safety and security protocols all along our value chain, from those impacting our suppliers to our consumers, via employees and customers.  Caring about people also means getting involved in the community and giving something back.  By financially supporting causes such as education, culture and health, we support those who make a difference in our lives.  It is also our way of saying “thank you.”
We care about our planet.  For several years now, we have taken significant measures, driven by our Sustainability team, to reduce our ecological footprint by minimizing the environmental impact of our products from inception to consumption.  During our yearly Community Day, Eurofragance volunteers partake in social and environmental causes.
We care about perfume.  Eurofragance ensures that the scents it creates are safe for all to enjoy, for those producing them as well as for customers and consumers.  To this end, our Technical Compliance department, scrupulously respects the most stringent perfume safety standards.

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Applying Best Practices in Everything We Do

From top to bottom, Eurofragance applies best practices in all its activities.  It starts with our Board of Directors setting the tone and the manner, which then permeates throughout the company.  Eurofragance’s Board of Directors ensures good governance, a climate of trust, openness to discussion—and even to disagreement—while respecting individual accountability.

The company also has processes in place such as ISO Standards that are regularly audited to ensure optimal operations. Accounting audits are also performed annually at Eurofragance headquarters and all affiliates.

Naturally, we tend to attract in our professional ranks, women and men who have strong ethical values and plenty of common sense. Sometimes however, it is a good idea to restate what practices are acceptable and expected. The Eurofragance Employee Handbook is issued to all employees who are invited to comply with its content. A Compliance Committee sees to it that best practices and ethical behaviors are in place, and addresses any sidesteps. Best practices also mean being properly recognized and rewarded for one’s work. Accordingly, Eurofragance has adopted a Gender Equality Plan, approved by the Spanish Ministry of Labor, and which is currently being rolled out to all our affiliates globally.

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Eurofragance’s Code of Ethics

Eurofragance conducts business in accordance with the laws and regulations of the market it is present in.  In addition, we have published and disseminated a comprehensive Code of Ethics which “establishes the behavioral standards to be observed by Eurofragance in the performance of its professional responsibilities."

Not only does the company demand that all employees respect the law and its ethical guidelines, it also expects its partners to do so as well. Amongst other outcomes, the Code of Ethics is intended to safeguard people and property.


As much as possible, Eurofragance seeks to be forthcoming in its undertakings and will be transparent with customers and suppliers where appropriate and when needed. Eurofragance will treat the information of all stakeholders (internal and external) with confidentiality and expects the same in return. By following such tenets, along with other desired behaviors, we hope to foster mutual confidence and trust amongst all parties.


We would like to believe that all involved will apply good judgment in everything they do, but mishaps can and will occur. To avoid these, or to properly address them, the Compliance Committee and the Internal Control Body (ICB) are responsible for verifying and enforcing the Eurofragance code of ethics.

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Our Behavior Statement

The Behavior Statement issued by Eurofragance details how employees must behave professionally.  All employees, regardless of rank and title, are expected to behave with honesty, integrity and respect.  Respect of other stakeholders is required by everyone in all their activities.

Eurofragance has zero tolerance for illegal activities and bad behaviors, which can include, but is not limited to racism, sexism or any form of discrimination and retaliation.  An attack, be it physical, verbal or psychological, on one’s integrity or dignity is totally unacceptable.  If any such actions are to occur, they must be reported to the Compliance Committee and ICB who will address them accordingly.

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Filing a report on our whistleblower channel

Anyone working with or within Eurofragance, be they a customer, employee, community member or any type of business partner is witness to inappropriate action or behavior relating to our organization, can contact our Whistleblower Chanel. The Eurofragance Whistleblower Channel is operated by an independent third-party provider and serves as a confidential venue to report violations to our Code of Ethics. Individuals who contact our Whistleblower Channel can remain anonymous if they wish. The Whistleblower Channel is accessible via the button below.