Values and Compliance

Our Decisions Are Driven by Our Values

The Fundamentals We Stand For

Fragrance companies produce chemicals, some are natural and some are synthetic.  Either way, we, like all other players in the field, have a responsibility to respect a clear set of fundamentals and practices.  At Eurofragance, we see this responsibility as an obligation to care for people and planet. 

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Applying Best Practices in Everything We Do
From top to bottom, Eurofragance applies best practices in all its activities.  It starts with our Board of Directors setting the tone and the manner, which then permeates throughout the company.  Eurofragance’s Board of Directors ensures good governance, a climate of trust, openness to discussion—and even to disagreement—while respecting individual accountability. 

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Eurofragance’s Code of Ethics

Eurofragance conducts business in accordance with the laws and regulations of the market it is present in.  In addition, we have published and disseminated a comprehensive Code of Ethics which “establishes the behavioral standards to be observed by Eurofragance in the performance of its professional responsibilities."

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Our Behavior Statement

The Behavior Statement issued by Eurofragance details how employees must behave professionally.  All employees, regardless of rank and title, are expected to behave with honesty, integrity and respect.  Respect of other stakeholders is required by everyone in all their activities. 

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Code of Ethics and Behaviour documentation

Protocol of Good Practices for Suppliers documentation