Quality, Health and Safety

The Guardians of the Goods That Enter and Leave Eurofragance and Everything that Happens In-Between

We are the actors behind the scene at Eurofragance.  You won’t see us often, but we are never very far away from the action.  We are the `safe partner’ who finds the best and safest solutions for perfumers and clients alike when it comes to fragrance creation.

Diana March
Global Director of Sustainability and Technical Compliance

The Team Members of Eurofragance’s Technical Compliance Department Ensure, Assure and Reassure

The Technical Compliance department of Eurofragance is comprised of five closely knit teams: Quality Control, Quality Assurance, Regulatory Affairs, Formula Management and HSE (Health, Safety and Environment).  These teams are indispensable to ensure both your success and ours.

All together, the women and men in these different expertise areas serve as the custodians of the raw materials we acquire; the procedures we implement; the quality we deliver; and the safety and security we live for.  It is not only about quality assurance and quality control, but also about compliance and being able to supply you with safe perfumes that exceed your expectations.Just like you, we like it when things run smoothly.  Toward this end, we continuously seek to implement improvements and best practices at every level of the company, on all our sites, in all the countries where we are present, and for clients of any size.  The Technical Compliance department has an eye and nose on everything Eurofragance produces.  You could say that we are the scentinels of the company.

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80% of Clients surveyed state that compliance is critical

Quality Control

Superb Raw Materials to Create Superb Fragrances

To produce outstanding fragrances for your brands, we only source ingredients that match or exceed your expectations for highest quality standards.  The Quality Control team also ensures at a global level that the raw materials we acquire meet the requirements of our creative teams.

When perfumery ingredients arrive at any one of our production plants, we are the first to stick our nose in the shipment.  We analyze batches of incoming materials against internally approved benchmarks and strict specifications of conformity. Quality Control Means Being Involved From Beginning to End The Quality Control team is concerned with entering raw materials as well as with the transformed products that leave our production facilities.  Members of the team must confirm that our finished products conform to set specifications.  You are welcome to request any of the documents pertaining to your projects.

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Quality Assurance

Everyone Benefits From Efficient Processes

Within the Technical Compliance Department, the Quality Assurance team is concerned with the process of producing and delivering superb fragrances. Our professionals then extend their procedural checks all the way to the moment you incorporate our compounds in your production process.

At every step of this chain, we aim to be as efficient as possible, minimizing waste and energy wherever possible.  To continuously improve our procedures, we follow the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 management guidelines.  Additionally, the team verifies that the compounds we produce are also compliant with our internal production and service standards.We Are Committed to Continuous ImprovementOur Quality Assurance Committee is made up of members from different departments in order to ensure continuous improvement.  It is a transversal body that participates in the search for the root cause of non-conformity and implements corrective actions and evaluates their effectiveness.  In addition, it acts as a vehicle for interdepartmental communication which allows any type of doubt or technical concern you may have to be resolved.  This committee is led by Quality Assurance and acts as a representative under the Compliance Services.

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Regulatory Affairs

Out of the Box Thinking Is Part of Our DNA at Eurofragance, Except When It Comes to Regulations

Health and safety are of paramount importance when it comes to the handling and usage of raw materials.  In particular, the Regulatory Affairs department is concerned with making products safe which comply with different legislations across the planet.

This requires from us an in-depth understanding of the legislation concerning the natural and synthetic ingredients used in perfumery.  The department constantly stays up to date on the appropriate legislation and restrictions that can vary significantly from market to market.  In particular, we follow the recommendations IFRA Code of Practice (the International Fragrance Association), and the local legislation of the countries in which we operate.  (Note: Eurofragance is an active member of AEFAA, the Spanish Association of manufacturers of Fragrance and Flavors, which is a member of IFRA.)Keeping Internal and External Partners Informed Is Serious BusinessWe disseminate important regulatory announcements to our community members.  Four times a year, we issue a newsletter that relates the latest chemical restrictions to colleagues and clients around the globe.  Day-to-day, we also support and keep informed Perfumers and Fragrance Development Managers as well as the commercial teams of Eurofragance.  Our internal experts can, if you desire, conduct training sessions or seminars on your premises.

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Formula Management

Our Formulas Are Our Treasure

Behind every fragrance we create is, first off, a Perfumer, and then its formula that he or she has established as its “official recipe.”   Because we understand the intrinsic value of these formulas, we treat them as treasures.

In addition to these precious fragrance creation guidelines, the Formula Management team also manages the repertoire of formulas for our own product bases. Formulas, however, are not always set-in stone and it is up to our team of experts to notify Perfumers on the necessity to change any of its components.As legislation and safety rules change, so do our formulas. The Formula Management team is instrumental in facilitating the replacement or inclusion of new ingredients in the Perfumers’ palette.

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EHS (Environment, Health and Safety)

We Are Committed to the Health and Safety of Our Colleagues and Partners

Eurofragance feels strongly about conducting business in a manner that respects people’s health and safety, and any applicable legal environmental requirements.  The EHS department is responsible for enacting and enforcing professional practices that protect the wellbeing of individuals and the planet.

While these important regulations and protective measures are in place for all of our employees on all our sites, we also require that our suppliers adhere to similar practices.  In addition to conducting on-site emergency drills, the EHS team is in charge contingency planning and the feasibility of being able to work remotely if necessary.  The department works hand in hand with the P&O team (People and Organization, Eurofragance’s Human Resources department) on issues pertaining to safety.

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