Management Vision

A Picture of the Future and How We Get There

A Clear Vision Embraced by the Management Team

Santiago Sabatés and Laurent Mercier, respectively Chairman and CEO of Eurofragance, have a clear vision of what Eurofragance’s future looks like.  Each member of the Management Team has embraced their ambitious vision and advanced strategies and tactics in order to achieve—and even surpass—the incredible growth of recent years.
To be the forward looking mid cap family fragrance house contending and winning across all major product segments, and the one regarded as empowering to employees and invaluable to partners.  We enable team members to grow, and for them in turn, to meet our shared expansion goals.  Evidently, our customers’ growth should always measure up to our success in this win-win model.  By adopting a mutually beneficial, inclusive approach with all constituents, we will become the perfume company fresh talent and established market partners will most desire to work with.

Laurent Mercier

Chief Executive Officer

In order to cement our status as a leading, privately owned fragrance house, we must excel at three levels.  The foundation of Eurofragance is built on our entrepreneurial spirit, endless passion, continuous performance and connecting people.  This last point implies that we become a magnet for promising young talent who exhibit high potential.  To consolidate our house, we will need to shore up our Home and Personal Care business.  The pinnacle of our success will always be tied to pure creativity and innovation, which is the reputation we want our partners to choose us for.

Santiago Sabatés


An Experienced and Performance-Driven Management Team

Members of Eurofragance’s Management team reflect on recent achievements and expose their vision on what’s to come in their areas of responsibility.  Eurofragance’s success will be fueled by performance, passion and a never-ending desire to deliver the highest quality fragrances and services to customers.  It’s by bringing together experienced professionals and promising talents that the company will continue to thrive. 
Management Team Members in Their Own Words

I see an opportunity to replicate our Singapore model elsewhere in Asia

Dolors Costa

Global Creative Center Director


I feel that we can double our organic growth every six years

Antoine de Riedmatten

Global Director Fine Fragrance and General Manager IMEA


Working at Eurofragance generates a feeling of belonging and pride

Rebeca Jardón

Global People Operations Director


There is great potential for us to expand into the home and personal care categories

Olegario Monegal

Global Business Unit Director, Home and Personal Care


We aim to expand the product categories we can compete and win in

Leandro Nonino

General Manager and Vice President Sales North America


Our partners have grown over the years,but in parallel, so have we

Joan Pere Jimenez

COO and Europe/Maghreb General Manager


The team is meeting the challenge of turning data into applicable knowledge

Juan Ramón López Gil

Chief Financial Officer


Customers and competitors now see us differently

Andrés Pagés

LATAM General Manager