Leadership With Purpose

We HaveEverything You Desire in a Fragrance House

It’s a Competitive World, but We’ve Set the Bar Even Higher for Ourselves

Over the past three decades, we’ve worked our way up the ranks to become a midsize fragrance house, now eying the bigger prize ahead.  We have left nothing to chance.  For you, our customers, we have secured a spectacular palette of ingredients, hired experienced professionals and invested massively in the latest manufacturing robotics.

We Create Beautiful Fragrance Experiences That Are Accessible to All

At Eurofragance, we feel that the right fragrance in your product will boost your brand and help deliver its full promise and potential.  Giving your consumers a rewarding perfumistic experience is a goal we share with you.  Eurofragance’s Perfumers and Development Teams will positively surprise you with qualitative, accessible scents; we fight to challenge the largest fragrance manufacturers.

We Walk the Talk

What started as a family venture among friends has become a full fledged international company involving hundreds of men and women in many countries.  With success comes responsibility.  Eurofragance, just like its older and bigger rivals, has all the professional functions in place to conduct business at the level one expects from an established organization.

Eurofragance’s Chairman and CEO are perfectly aligned on the direction they wish to steer the company in.  They can count on a Management Team that has extensive perfumery acumen and the necessary skills to lead their respective teams. Eurofragance’s Management understands that all functions and departments have an important role to play, but particular attention is given to Quality, Health and Safety and Values and Compliance.  These two departments see to it that rules and regulations are respected by all constituents for the good of all stakeholders (inside and outside the company). Discover the Vision of the Management Team

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Quality and safety are at the heart of all our processes