A Solid Development Network

Smelling Nice Is Good, but Smelling “Right” Is Even Better

The Right Fragrance in Your Product Will Make All the Difference

At Eurofragance, we feel strongly about developing the one fragrance that will perfectly answer your brief.  Perfumes are not interchangeable, and they don’t all carry the same message, benefit or promise.  From Fine Fragrance to Home Care and Air Care via Personal Care, the Fragrance Development Manager (FDM) is key to leading your perfume project to fruition, but she or he never works alone. The FDM can count on a local network of specialists and our global network of Creative Centers.   When we present our perfumes to you and we are able to engage you, it’s because there was perfect chemistry between different Eurofragance professionals who understood one another unilaterally, and were able to work efficiently and precisely together.

Developing a perfume for your brand requires resources and many different talents.  Therefore, we’ve instituted a network of Creative Centers around the globe.  In-house, the coordinator of your project is a Fragrance Development Manager who will determine a strategy to involve each Creative Center, Perfumers, Lab and Technical experts and the Marketing team in order to produce a finished product that smells `right’ to your consumers.

Dolors Costa
Global Creative Center Director

A Brand Holds a Promise; a Fragrance Reveals It

Consumers expect your brand to deliver precise functional and emotional benefits when they use your product; this is the promise you make to them.  The perfumes Eurofragance FDMs craft carry and deliver these benefits while also fully respecting your brand’s personality, essence and positioning.

Captivating olfactive notes from the Middle East in a fine fragrance can convey sensuality; the smell of clean laundry can deliver pride; a shampoo perfume can suggest nurturing care; a deodorant confidence.   At Eurofragance, our FDMs and Perfumers have three decades of experience developing fragrances that can communicate such olfactive messages. Beyond functional and emotional benefits, Eurofragance’s talented development team can meet the challenge of also conveying experiential or conceptual benefits.  Understanding your brand also means a deep comprehension of you, our customer.  Over the years, your brand users have gained in sophistication and their expectations are higher than ever, this is why FDMs play a key role in your product development.

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Fragrance Development Managers Orient Perfumers Along the Path of Fragrance Creation

Some of the métiers in perfumery are pretty straightforward and easy to grasp.  Others, such as FDM are less obvious but play a pivotal role.  Put simply, an FDM guides the development of a fragrance from inception to final product, through evaluations, selections and improvements along the way.

The Account Manager assigned to your business ensures that your perfume brief, with all the necessary nuances is assigned to the appropriate FDM.  Within the Creative Center, the FDM will be at the hub of your development project.  A good FDM is familiar with olfactory trends, knows your competitors and what’s trending in other industries (e.g., food, fashion…). This knowledge, along with extensive experience, provides FDMs with the confidence to trust their intuition, but it will also take persuading and coaxing others along the development path.  Hours will be spent smelling, evaluating, tweaking and smelling again.  Once finished, the work will be presented to you and the verdict will be yours.

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The Leaders of Your Perfume Development Project

In addition to their technical skills needed to develop a perfume, FDMs must deploy managerial skills as well.  Fragrance development is a group effort, and at Eurofragance, a team of professionals works on your brief.  As the leader of the development project, the FDM will call upon different departments for their expertise, based on the nature of your assignment.

Perfumers and FDMs work in close collaboration, but along the way, the FDM will involve the Marketing Department to better understand your market and pertinent consumer habits.  This is often paramount when it comes to scents in Home Care and Personal Care. For these latter two categories, the experts in our Application Labs and in our Technical Department are likely to be implicated as well, for questions relating to base formulation and the possible inclusion of a proprietary Eurofragance technology (e.g., EuroCaps™) respectively.  Creating a winning fragrance that will seduce your consumers certainly is a team enterprise.

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The Strength of Our Network at Your Service

Our Creative Centers are connected across the globe to answer all your fragrance-related demands.  At each location, Perfumers, FDMs, Lab Specialists, Technical and Marketing experts work hand in hand to create outstanding fragrances for your prestige perfumes as well as for your everyday body, home and air care brands.

Eurofragance has established Creative Centers in Barcelona, Dubai, Mexico and Singapore, and while each entity has acquired an expertise in certain product segments and regional market preferences, you can call on us for your development project in any of these four hubs.  In each of our Creative Center, you will find the same professional functions (Perfumer, Marketing…), working with the same palette and procedures. Furthermore, the centers are all connected, meaning that you will benefit from the expertise of Eurofragancers working on the other side of the planet.  Such a setup allows us to take on a broad scope of different projects—international or local—across product segments.

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You Can Ask Eurofragance to Develop a Perfume for Any Segment and Market

An FDM will always be involved on any project you trust us with, big or small.  From her or his central position, the FDM will coordinate all the necessary in-house departments that must be involved, and, if need be, engage Eurofragancers in other Creative Centers.

In this beautiful, but competitive industry, fragrance development demands strong management skills, deep olfactory knowledge, objective thinking and directed creativity.  Every one of our FDMs exhibits these professional traits.

Nonetheless, if there is one thing, we would like you to remember about our network of perfume development hubs, it is that, collectively, we have the expertise to create the right fragrance for your consumers in any product segment and in any market.