A Story of Growth

We’re Growing Fast While Offering the Best Bespoke Service Possible

We are a B2B boutique perfumery house that manufactures and markets fragrances around the globe.  Founded only a generation ago, we are based in Spain and have a multi-cultural workforce and global presence.  We are your partner of choice in all aspects of creating fragrances for your products and helping you bring them to market.  Count on us to do all this with an entrepreneurial spirit and boundless passion for perfume creation.

Laurent Mercier

Chief Executive Officer

An Entrepreneurial Culture Built on Solid Partnerships

Eurofragance’s success has much to do with its entrepreneurial spirit combined with a business philosophy all its own.  Our management approach is based largely on building strong relationships through high quality customer service.   As clients, you are the center of our attention at all times.   We believe that our high degree of creativity, reliability, agility, passion are instrumental in forging a strong, durable partnership with you.

Partnership & Proximity

We Are Your Indispensable Fragrance Partner, if Not yet, Soon to Be
Step by step, year after year, one brief at a time, Eurofragance has endeavored to nurture its relationships with all clients—regardless of their size.
Even though we are an established midsize company, we have retained the agility and speed of response of a young startup.

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Product Excellence

Fragrance Solutions That Will Put a Smile on Your Face
Nothing will kill a great product faster than a bad fragrance.  You can’t afford to lose consumers over your brand’s fragrance.  Our expertise in fragrance creation and track record should reassure you, but don’t hesitate to put us to the test again and again.  We love challenges.  

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Quality & Service

Boutique Service With 30 Years of Professional Expertise
Having now passed our thirtieth birthday and grown to nearly 400 employees with 3,500 tons of fragrance sold annually, we feel like we are just entering our prime.  Even so, we will continue to offer our customers the bespoke service they have come to appreciate from a boutique perfume house.

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Passion & Enthusiasm

We Love Perfume, Empower People and Respect our Planet
At Eurofragance passion drives all of us.  We are passionate about perfume in every department, and this emotion is coupled with the notion of respect.  Passion with respect is what we are all about.  We care about our environment, fellow humans and about doing the best job possible with purpose.

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