Making Scents, Caring for People and Planet

More Qualitative Fragrances With Less Impact on Our Environment

Sustainability is our moral compass at Eurofragance—a lever for all decision-making. Across departments and teams, our shared objective is to create outstanding fragranced products that are safe for everyone to enjoy and that will have a minimum impact on our planet. We are guided by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and increase our efforts every year to meet their objectives.

Sustainability is about how we conduct ourselves today with our partners, and what kind of planet we want to leave for our children tomorrow. Our suppliers are of particular importance as they are at the inception of a value chain that we want as virtuous as possible from start to finish. We must all be aligned on the same mission.

Diana March
Global Director of Sustainability and Technical Compliance

Year After Year, We Progress

From day one, we have strived to be responsible ethically and environmentally. Our numerous actions, certifications and collaborations over the years are a testament to our sustainability commitment. And each year now, we issue our Sustainability Report, in which our stakeholders can review our commitments and actions. We are making progress, we have a plan, we are moving the needle towards a better world. Some of the milestone’s we are proud of include:

Timeline of Sustainable Activities

A Cross Functional Team

The Sustainability Team at Eurofragance is made up of individuals from different regions and departments to benefit from both a broad and in-depth perspective. The team’s role is to empower Eurofragancers in attaining their ESG goals and to frame the debate within our four sustainability axis: Safety, Community, Business Ethics and Resources.

Four Strategic AxesDetermine Our Tactical Projects

At Eurofragance, we approach sustainability from a holistic point of view. We take into account its three pillars and focus our efforts on four main strategies. Carefully planned and tactically picked projects come support these four strategic axes. These corporate challenges are aligned with our business capabilities and embody our corporate values.

Axis 1


Promote safety all along the value chain, from supplier to every member of our team and onto consumers, throughout the fragrance’s life cycle, for the planet and its inhabitants.

Fragrance enjoyment for all

We manufacture perfumes that scrupulously respect stringent environmental and safety protocols.

A safe workplace

We are committed to the health and safety of our colleagues across all departments across all sites.

The wellbeing of our teams

We provide private medical insurance to all our employees and a secure workplace to grow in.

Axis 2


Behave ethically while respecting the rights and civil liberties of all individuals; forbid any form of discrimination and remunerate stakeholders properly for their work and service.

Respect for human rights

Our code of ethics is based on the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the United Nations.

Values we care about

All employees receive compliance training to ensure that our decisions and our actions are driven by our values.

Sourcing materials responsibly

We publish and disseminate our Global Sourcing Policy and Supplier Code of Ethics.

Axis 3


Engage with our communities with the goal to positively improve the lives of the children, women and men who make up our social fabric and enrich our culture.

Equity and fairness

We nurture and cherish our diversity; we treat all individuals –everywhere—with the respect they deserve.

Gender equity

Our Equity Plan is being rolled out across all positions of the company to reduce the gender wage gap throughout the network.

Lending a helping hand

Philanthropy is part of our DNA and was actually our first step towards sustainability.

Axis 4


Respect all resources and look to repurpose, reuse or recycle whenever possible; we aim to reduce waste and to ultimately run all our sites on self-produced or renewable energy.

Protecting our natural capital

Mother Earth has been generous with us; in return, we must do our part to nurture to it and protect it.

Energy efficiency

We invest in green energies; produce more of our own; reduce waste while decreasing our energy consumption on all sites.

Water management

We optimize our manufacturing processes to minimize our water consumption and waste.

66% of our Suppliers have signed ourCode of Ethics and Good Behaviour

We count on the goodwill and involvement of our trusted suppliers who are asked to adhere to our Supplier Code of Ethics and share data with us regarding their sustainability records. As a result, and thanks to our close relationships with key suppliers, our palette of perfumery raw materials is becoming safer and more sustainable by the day.

Bernd Bersch
Purchasing Director

It’s Just the Beginning, We Still Have Lots to Accomplish

Many more beautiful challenges lie before us, but our innate entrepreneurial spirit and creative competencies will help us overcome them. We wish nothing more than for all of us—you included—to enjoy a bright (green) future filled with fragrances.