Making Scents, Caring for People and Planet

Creating Even More Qualitative Fragrances With Less Impact on Our Environment

Eurofragance’s Sustainability Committee is charged with finding safe and scalable ways for the company to minimize its ecological footprint while continuing to produce exceptional perfumistic experiences.  The team brings together expertise from all areas of Eurofragance.

The push to create this committee and to place sustainability at the core of all the decision-making process of the company actually came from employees—especially the younger generation.  In turn, top management embraced the cause and is enabling actions to render the organization even more responsible.  Over recent years, Eurofragance has undertaken several major initiatives, while also working hard to meet a number of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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One often hears about how our present actions will impact the planet we will pass on to our children and future generations.  At Eurofragance, we act to address issues affecting this generation and today’s youth.  There is no time to waste, the future is now! We have a responsibility to find respectful ways of creating sustainable perfumes that can be enjoyed without harming people or planet during their lifecycle.

The Eurofragance Sustainability Committee

Our Commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility Goes Back Many Years

For thousands of years, the creation of perfumes has depended on the diversity of the natural world and its generosity.  While less prevalent nowadays, our industry’s reliance on the natural world opened our eyes early on to the importance of preserving resources, ecosystems and our planet.  Some recent milestones of Eurofragance’s involvement in social and environmental actions include:

Today, All Our Actions Are Viewed From a Sustainability Angle

Nowadays at Eurofragance, every project is approached with an eye on sustainability and the circular economy.  Our teams apply their boundless creativity to activate solutions that marry sustainability and efficiency; we are minimizing our ecological impact by paying particular attention to how we source raw materials, produce fragrances and foster an eco-conscious workplace.

It is paramount that our perfumes be safe for all.  To this end, several departments see to it that our partners, employees and end-users can work with and enjoy fragrances with peace of mind.  We have moved from an attitude of nice-to-have to must-have.  As a responsible, aspirational company we are addressing head-on the challenges of ethics, environment and economic inherent in sustainability.  We have, for instance, invested in projects that allow us to produce more and more of our own energy and to reduce or treat our own waste.  Such actions are coupled with philanthropic initiatives to support communities where Eurofragance is present.  The benefits, we will reap from our actions are not only priceless, they are inestimable to our planet and its inhabitants.

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The Four Strategic Axes That Embody Our Engagement

The Three Pillars of Sustainability (environmental, ethical and economic) are common to all organizations, but each company has its own set of strategic priorities.  Eurofragance’s four strategic axes are defined by our activity, capabilities and personal values.  Our selected corporate challenges go above and beyond our daily involvement in sustainable issues relating to people, planet and profits.


Promote safety all along the value chain, from supplier to every member of our team and onto consumers, throughout the fragrance’s life cycle, for the planet and its inhabitants.


Protect all forms of life, including plants, animals and humans; tend to precious natural raw materials that play a critical role in perfumery… and inspire our creations.


Engage our people and communities, wherever we are present, with the goal to positively improve the lives of children, women and men who make up our social fabric and who enrich our culture.


Respect all resources and look to fix, reuse or recycle whenever possible; we aim to reduce waste and to ultimately run all our sites on self-produced or renewable energy.

We work closely with our suppliers

to constantly increase the ratio of sustainable ingredients in our palette.

Every day, we take steps to increase the number of raw materials in our palette that come from sustainable sources, be they natural or synthetic.  We also go to great lengths to ensure that the ingredients we use are ethically produced and that our partners are properly remunerated for their labor.

Bernd Bersch
Purchasing Director at Eurofragance

Sustainability Is Not Just Caring for Our Planet, It’s About Creating a Better World for All

As an entrepreneurial fragrance company founded on family values, we were always naturally concerned by, and inclined to espouse the three branches of sustainability.  We have done so full heartedly.  Our very own sustainability as a business entity depends on the women and men that make up our professional and social networks, the preservation of our natural world and our economic solvency.

We Care About People

Fragrance Enjoyment for All

We manufacture perfumes that scrupulously respect stringent environmental and safety protocols.

A Desirable Work Environment

We provide a secure workplace for people to grow in, with a focus on overall wellbeing.

Equity and Fairness

We cherish our diversity and we treat all individuals—everywhere—with respect.

95% employee participation in our international Community Day

Do Fragrances Exist Anywhere Else Than Planet Earth?

Protecting Our Natural Capital

Mother Earth has been generous to us; we must do our part to nurture it in return.

Being Part of the Solution

Through our Green Workshops that educate our partners, we are agents of change.

Actions Can Have Consequences

In everything we do, from sourcing to shipping, we avoid harming fragile ecosystems.

Sustainability Also Means Remaining Economically Healthy

It’s an Investment not a Cost

We have embraced sustainability because it is the right thing to do—and it makes economic sense.

Lending a Helping Hand

Philanthropy and supporting certain causes is only natural when you’ve met success.

Science and Technology to the Rescue

We harness the science of chemistry and new technologies to generate responsible wealth.

Supporting charitable causes since 2012

Looking Ahead to a Green Future

Several years ago we embarked on a voyage to address sustainability head-on.  While we have made progress, the road ahead is long—actually endless—but there is no turning back.  We understand the importance of sustainability and feel a certain solace in the fact that so many of our employees and partners support our involvement in this movement.


Eurofragance is, and will, continue to be active on many sustainability fronts in the coming years.  Here’s just a sampling of ongoing and upcoming activities.

Carbon Footprint

Gradually reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and attain ISO 14001 certification for all manufacturing plants.

Energy Efficiency

Invest in green energies; produce more of our own; reduce waste while increasing energetic efficiency on all sites.

Gender Equity

Roll out the Equity Plan to all positions of the company and reduce the gender wage gap throughout the network.

Crop Yields

Help geographically distributed farmers around the world to improve their crop yields while respecting ecosystems and local biodiversity.

Water Management

Continue the treatment of residual water from our manufacturing processes and implement the collection of rainwater where possible.

Raw Materials

Increase the ratio of sustainable natural ingredients, while favoring synthetics and educating stakeholders on the benefits of their usage.

We Have a Lot to Accomplish and this Is Just the Beginning

Many more beautiful challenges lie before us, but our innate entrepreneurial spirit and creative competencies will help us overcome them.  We wish nothing more than for all of us—you included—to enjoy a bright (green) future filled with fragrances.