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Flexibility, Engagement, Collaboration and a Whole Lot More

Benefits of Being a Eurofragancer

There are many good reasons to join Eurofragance, but we’ll give you our top three:

We’re Going Places

Eurofragance has done well—extremely well!  Even in challenging times, we’ve been able to grow, to expand, and we’re not stopping now.  Together, we will always find solutions and together we will celebrate many more significant milestones.  Our future is bright.

We Empower You

In a super creative industry such as ours, diversity, equity and inclusion are priceless.  We are proud of our multicultural environment; it is one of our key strengths.  Because the next big idea can come from any employee, you will be heard and your contributions fully considered.

We Dare to Care

At Eurofragance we care about people and planet—we also care about profits a little bit, meeting our objectives and perfume a lot.  We are a big, connected family in which cooperation and respect are the norm.  Eurofragance also cares deeply about ethics, our role in society and our impact on the planet.

53% of our Managers and Leaders are women
The Little Extras That Make a Big Difference at Work
We offer an array of interesting perks that are aimed at making your work more rewarding and comfortable, but we are always open to new ideas.  We can tell you more about these extras during the hiring phase or once you’re onboard.

Flexible Work Hours

Working From Home

Professional Training

Advantages That Go Beyond Just Salary

Eurofragance applies a salary equality philosophy (equal pay for equal work) in all its offices.  Our salary scheme is based on seniority, education level and past experience; it is aligned with the industry.  Beyond wages, we offer a range of perks and opportunities that are of value.
Performance-Based Remuneration at All Eurofragance Sites
Permanent employees are eligible to yearly bonuses based on company and personal performance.  Through our PPE review program (Passion, Performance and Entrepreneurship) employee evaluations center on reaching, pre-agreed to objectives and results achieved.  The program rewards merit, performance and adherence to company values.
Professional Development
Based on performance and career track, your Manager is ready to work with you to elaborate a development plan that will get you involved in challenging project and special initiatives with exceptional professionals in their fields—and good fun to work with too.
Private Health Insurance
Private health insurance (accident and sickness), including dental and ophthalmological coverage, is offered to all permanent employees throughout the Eurofragance network.
Locally, Perks May Vary
Each Eurofragance site has developed its own market competitive compensation program.  Depending on countries, we provide employees with life Insurance, flexible remuneration system and benefits in kind.

International Opportunities for Short and Long-term Work

We believe mobility and exposure to different markets and cultures are truly enriching experiences.  Our Mobility Policy allows for and supports permanent employees during their experience abroad, taking care of issues pertaining to family accommodations, and schooling, moving, fiscal and legal questions.  We know how challenging relocating is, so we do our absolute best so that employees can focus on their development and local integration.
The best way to learn about Oriental fragrances? Work in Dubai!

Olaf Larsen

Senior Perfumer

Being in the middle of South East Asia for six months has changed my perspective forever.

Juncal Tomas

Junior Perfumer

We can’t wait to hear from you and for you to join us.

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