Together, We're Going To Make a Difference

Eurofragance—What You Need to Know

Eurofragance is a midsize B2B enterprise in the perfumery industry, founded in Barcelona in 1990.  We are turned towards the future and count on you, the next generation, to keep us moving forwards and growing, while caring for people and planet.

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Eurofragancers the Essence of Eurofragance

Passion pulses in our veins—passion for perfumery and for performance.  We celebrate those who roll up their sleeves, get their hands dirty and give a hand to a colleague even if they didn’t have to, because “it’s not in my job description.”  Audacity and enthusiasm matter, but so does humility.

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Dedicated to the Growth of People and the Organization

At Eurofragance, Human Resources is named the People and Organization Department (P&O).  Our tasks and objectives are similar to those of colleagues in other companies.  For example, we guide Managers in the professional development of their team members.  We put people first as the organization’s livelihood depends on current and future employees.

Eurofragance is a place with soul, a home to grow in. We intend to foster a culture where our people can show their passion and reach their full potential. It would be an honor to have you on board on this trip!

Rebeca Jardón

Global People Operations Manager

At Eurofragance, we honor the past while looking to the future. I feel that in a world in constant change filled with uncertainty, remaining agile and resilient is of critical importance. At the same time, one has to keep an open mind and focus on what’s important in life.

Alfonso Letosa

Global Talent Development Manager

We’re All Connected

The women and men of Eurofragance naturally engage in activities that support societal and environmental causes because they inherently care about people and planet—it’s part of their DNA.