A Culture of Engagement

An Entrepreneurial
Culture Centered on Delivering Results While Building Lasting Partnerships

When I set out to launch Eurofragance I had in mind to create a company that would retain a family “feeling” even as we grew.  I am proud to say that we managed to do so.  I believe that the spirit of open-mindedness and inclusiveness, shared among Eurofragancers has fed our incredible performance over the years.  And of course, this philosophy has also led us to cultivate win-win relationships with our customers that, we hope, will last a lifetime.

Santiago Sabatés


Showing Consideration and Respect Is Part of Who we Are

Under its quiet and innocent appearance, the business of creating winning fragrances that elevate consumer brands is an all-consuming enterprise.  At Eurofragance, we rise to this challenge without ignoring our intrinsic values and company culture.  Being business-focused does not preclude us from being friendly.  

In fact, we Eurofragancers feel that showing consideration for you is a key factor in our success.

And, as a company that sources raw materials and inspirations from around the world, we are particularly sensitive to sustainability topics.  It only makes scents for us to care for people, planet and… perfume.

Passion & Focus
It Started as a Passion, and The Rest Is History

Passion and curiosity make a good pair, and led Santiago, Eurofragance’s Founder, to the Middle East where he set out to learn about oriental perfumes.  Having acquired—through grit and perseverance—a foundation of knowledge in the area, he launched Eurofragance.

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Courage & Independence

A Nose for Business and an Ear for Customers

One definition of entrepreneurship is to be able to take advantage of a situation of imbalance.  This is what Eurofragance did.  While everyone looked to the Far East, or was fixated on the New World, Eurofragance smelled a business opportunity in the Middle East.  This entrepreneurial spirit has served us well and remains one of our guiding values to this day.

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Human Touch

Youth, Experience, and Everyone in Between

As a family-run business, we have retained a deeply ingrained business culture.  The commitment and consideration we exhibit to you, we apply to ourselves internally.  We are mindful of all: partners of all sizes and origin, and employees of all ages and gender.  We don’t ever discriminate.  

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A Formula for Shared Success

A key factor of our success is to be results-oriented in everything we do.  This requires all of us, irrespective of what department we work in, to constantly improve our performance.  Your high expectations push us to be better each time.

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