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The connection between scents and love

The connection between scents and love

Love is literally in the air!

It is Valentine´s Day! Everywhere we find adverts and also people encouraging us to celebrate it, to buy something for the person we love, etc. However, today´s post doesn´t pretend to push you to buy anything. We just want to talk a bit deeper about the connection between scents and love. Do scents affect our feelings? Well, they do! They can have an effect on our mood, our emotions and even on the sexual attraction we feel towards someone! Shocking, isn´t it?

We have previously talked about how scents change our mood or the power of fragrances to create unique atmospheres. But, what about the effect of fragrances on our feelings?

The sense of smell is considered among the five senses in the same way hidden love is considered among all types of love, they both are commonly underestimated but definitely powerful as they have got an intense effect on our daily life. When thinking about a person we love, most of us can remember their body scent, their particular fragrance or their perfume. There is a strong connection between smell and memory.

How do scents affect love? Smells, emotions and sexual response are all processed in the same brain area. Should we then talk about love at first sight or love at first sniff?

Then we could also talk about pheromones, despite not being scientifically demonstrated, these chemical substances that our body could be producing and liberating are believed to be able to reach other people and can produce a response on them. It is thought, though, that not everyone reacts to pheromones in the same way. It is the same than in love, we all don´t fall in love with the same person, nor we like same scents.

Not all of us are fully aware of the importance of the smell in humans and also in animals. To give you an example: did you know that some male butterflies can smell female butterflies even when they are 20 kilometres away?

Moreover, coming back to humans, men and women have different scent preferences, different responses to smells, different feelings. Anyway, the reality is that they all can feel the effect of certain fragrances in their emotions.

That is why at Eurofragance we highlight the importance of the sense of smell through initiatives like the contest “The fragrance of the day” among our employees and by supporting research into different diseases.

We want to be a global leader Capturing Sensations with our fragrances so that they promote well-being and happiness, so that they make you fall in love with life!

And always remember, love is literally in the air!

Asia, an exciting market for perfumery lovers

Asia, an exciting market for perfumery lovers

Did you know that Asia is one of the best places to buy male grooming products?

Asia has always been an exotic market from a European point of view. Differences between Europe and Asia are multiple; culture, food, weather and traditions are all very unique. This diversity makes Asia a key area for Eurofragance to explore and understand following our vision to be a global leader in perfumery.

Our presence in Asia is not new. Starting in 1996, the company began exporting its products to Hong Kong and Thailand. Next, in 2012, a representative office was set up in Singapore in order to strength the presence of the company in Asia´s East and South-East Asian markets.  Finally, in 2016, a major investment was made in a full service Creative Centre in the downtown Biopolis hub. This year, 2017, will also see the official opening of a new fragrance factory in Singapore (Rapido Production Plant). This facility will be a key part of the company’s global production footprint.

We are enchanted by the diversity of perfumery market in Asia. It is a huge opportunity market not only in home care fragrances, but also fine fragrances, personal care and not to forget men grooming products!

So why do Asian men like grooming products? It all started in Japan and Korea many years ago when men started to get interested in taking better care of their skin and looking younger.  However the category really took off when these products were showcased in Korean dramas/soap operas. As Asia is mad about these shows, the sales exploded and now their popularity is so high that you can find them beyond select retail in supermarkets and chemists!

Our team in Asia does not only work on male grooming products though. We are also very busy on projects in many different segments, designing fragrances for detergents, air-fresheners, soaps, shower gels, fabric softeners, shampoos, baby powder, and hand dish wash, to name just a few.

Asia is probably the most diverse of the planet’s continents. Every Asian country is different, whether you look at food, culture, history, or climate.  This diversity creates a unique challenge for us, but one that is also a huge opportunity, one we are proud of taking up.  There is never a dull moment in Asia!

In some countries olfactive preference is split by ethnicity, in others by climate and food preferences. For example, in China, preferences vary depending on the area: Southern China prefers citrus notes while in North China it’s more about the florals.

So how do we keep up with all this you may be wondering? Well it’s all down to our having an amazing local team whose strong experience gives us the right insights into the tastes of the Asian market. All this backed up by the state of the art facilities we have in the region with our new Creative Centre and the Rapido Production Plant.

Perfumery is an art that requires talent, passion and creativity to touch people. At Eurofragance we are Capturing Sensations all over the world because we love fragrances and we love diversity. Do you?

2016, a scented year to remember

2016, a scented year to remember

People, Passion and Creativity are leading us to a marvellous perfumed path of achievements

We didn´t want to say bye to 2016 without thanking our great team its effort which has led Eurofragance to achieve great things like the opening of a Creative Centre in Singapore, the launch of a new production factory also in Singapore or the creation of an amazing collection of fragrances named REMEMORIES.

It has been a great year for all of us and, from this little and open corner which is our blog, we want to express how happy and proud we are.

We have told you so many times that our essence is compounded of PEOPLE, PASSION and CREATIVITY. This pure essence is the secret of our success.

For the year ahead we have so many projects lined up like Shape Up, a digital platform for all our employees to get empowered and do exercise at the same time they participate in charity challenges. We are also about to launch a new Careers site that will encourage all the talent out there to come and enjoy working with us.

And many more surprises to come…

Finally, we want to thank our readers! Thanks for sharing with us this love for fragrances. We promise you that in 2017 we will keep posting all about the fragrances world.

Happy New Year Eurofragancers!


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