De Esxence a In Cosmetics Global: El recorrido de Eurofragance por las ferias más interesantes de 2018

De Esxence a In Cosmetics Global: El recorrido de Eurofragance por las ferias más interesantes de 2018

El futuro y las tendencias más innovadoras de los sectores de Personal y Home Care se dan cita en estos eventos

2018 es un año clave en la nueva estrategia comercial de Eurofragance repleto de ambiciosos desafíos y nuevos proyectos. Así, siguiendo uno de nuestros valores –Performance-, estamos asistiendo a un número cada vez mayor de ferias sectoriales, segmentadas por productos, con el objetivo de crear fragancias más orientadas al consumidor y buscar alianzas fructíferas para logarlos. En la víspera de BeautyWorld Middle East, el evento más esperado del año, hacemos balance de la participación de Eurofragance en las diversas ferias que se han celebrado durante este mes de abril:

ESXENCE  5 – 8 de abril

Eurofragance celebró en Milán el décimo aniversario de “Esxence, el aroma de la excelencia”. Una valiosa oportunidad para conocer a los verdaderos protagonistas del fascinante mundo de fragancias a la que no quisieron faltar nuestros compañeros Giulio, Francesca, Belén y Nevra. Allí pudieron descubrir las últimas tendencias en perfumería artística.

DETEX  10 – 11 de abril

Eurofragance también ha estado presente en Detex, la conferencia más importante sobre detergencia en los países árabes que se ha celebrado en Ammán. La presencia de Eurofragance en esta feria refuerza nuestro enfoque dentro del segmento de Home Care. En esta misma línea, hemos creado las EurocapsTM y hemos configurado las nuevas cabinas olfativas en nuestras principales oficinas.

BEAUTY EURASIA 12 – 14 de abril

Abril ha sido un mes repleto de eventos. Por otra parte, nuestro equipo en Turquía también ha querido aprovechar la celebración de BeautyEurasia, el evento líder en cosmética B2B y cuidado personal para en este país y sus alrededores, para reunirse con sus clientes y descubrir los últimos lanzamientos en Personal Care.

IN COSMETICS GLOBAL del 17 – 19 de abril

Además, el mes de abril se completado con la participación de nuestro R & D Director, Carlos Llorca, y Myriam Terés, nuestra Applications Manager, en la 28ª edición de In-Cosmetics Global, celebrada en Ámsterdam. La exposición reunió a proveedores de ingredientes de cuidado personal con fabricantes de productos terminados. Esta edición ha estado llena de conferencias sobre lanzamientos de nuevos ingredientes activos, talleres sobre formulaciones y, por supuesto, fragancias cautivadoras. Buenas razones para que Eurofragance asista.

¡Pero lo mejor está por venir! Beautyworld Middle East 2018 constituirá un punto de inflexión para Eurofragance y nuestros consumidores. ¡Espera a ver nuestras nuevas noticias sobre el evento más esperado!

Eurofragance factory in Asia can now produce Halal-certified fragrances

Eurofragance factory in Asia can now produce Halal-certified fragrances

Halal-certified fragrances sales at Middle East and other regions of the world are set to increase as Muslim populations demand Halal products

From the very beginning of its foundation, Eurofragance decided to become an international company. The first area of the planet where it started exporting its fragrances was Middle East and later joined by some other regions and countries in Asia (Singapore, the Philippines, etc). That meant we had to know a bit more about their culture, their tastes and the scents people like.

What is Halal?

Halal is an Arabic word meaning permissible. It refers to everything that adheres to Islamic law, which is defined in the Koran. The opposite to Halal is Haram and refers to what is forbidden. These two words are present in different facets of Muslims lives like food, clothes, laundry products, personal care products or cosmetics, to name few. That is why Halal products must be certified by Halal certification organizations that operate under the Islamic law, under rules and principles that Muslims follow.

Which are the conditions for a product to be Halal-certified?

When talking about fragrances for different products, for them to be Halal certified, they must accomplish six requisites: they can´t contain alcohol; can´t be tested on animals; should not contain animal ingredients; food goods that are prohibited according to the Islamic law should be avoided during the blend of halal cosmetics, and, finally, all Halal products must have a Halal Certification -issued by a certifying body- to guarantee consumers that product doesn’t contain any Haram component.

Why did we decide to produce Halal-certified fragrances?

We operate in different areas with different traditions and beliefs. Our customers produce goods for different countries within the five continents. Many of our customers sell products for Muslim populations so it is critical for us to embrace their culture and understand their needs.

In this regard, Asia, which is a strategic area for Eurofragance, is leading the way in Halal certified products. Hence the importance of obtaining this certification for fragrances we produce at our factory in Asia, located in Singapore. Our aim is to provide Halal certified fragrances not only to Asian regions, but also to Africa and other parts of the world. In fact, sales in these continents are expected to increase as Muslim populations demand Halal products.

Eurofragance fragrances produced in Singapore: Halal-certified

Our factory in Asia can now produce Halal-certified fragrances, which means our production processes and our formulations follow the Islamic law and accomplish the main requisites for our fragrances to be considered as Halal- certified.

Eurofragance goal is to keep working, with passion and creativity, to make our customers´ products those preferred by consumers all around the world.


Detergent: more than a laundry product, a fragrance that accompanies us

Detergent: more than a laundry product, a fragrance that accompanies us

How innovation in this field has led to detergent scents which last longer and fulfil consumers expectations

We are surrounded by scents. Even if we don´t pay attention or we don´t realize, we can detect millions of odours. Moreover, scents have an impact on our mood, make us feel different sensations. Hence the importance of our clothes fragrance, the fragrance that comes with us everywhere and every day.

That is why when buying a detergent, as a consumer, we don´t only think about its functional characteristics, which are also important, we decide by smelling the product too. Furthermore, culture and geographic area are two important factors that influence consumers choice of detergent. Depending on what kind of scents we have been used to since we were a child and depending on the weather at our city – temperatures, humidity…-.

So, the variety of detergents in the market is as wide as consumers needs and expectations. Out there we can find detergents in different forms (liquid, powder, tablets) and different fragrances (lavender, jasmine, citric combination, rose, etc).

Wonder how Eurofragance designs and produces fragrances for detergents all around the world? Our perfumers, fragrance evaluators, sensorial marketing teams and technical application experts work together to design the perfect fragrance combination for detergents and laundry products in general.

We innovate and seek the highest quality in our products. A good example of this is Eurocaps, a new fragrance delivery system that gives long-lasting qualities to fragrances applied in different products such as fabric softeners, detergents.

Apart from this innovative system, that guarantees our fragrances high quality and long-lasting properties, we do provide a unique understanding of lifestyles and consumer needs around the world. Our Development teams from our Creative Centers in Asia, Middle East, America and Europe, interpret local trends, research and test scents to ensure we add value to our customers’ brands.

The aim is to create a pleasant scent experience to the consumer, providing outstanding fragrances and ready-to-market concepts to our customers.

Scentsoo??, a new customisable collection of fragrances

Scentsoo??, a new customisable collection of fragrances

Know in detail the new collection Eurofragance presented at Beautyworld Middle East 2017

For the first time, anyone can fully express itself in a scent”.  That has been one of the main attractions of Eurofragance´s presence at Beautyworld Middle East. Visitors have been amazed about the possibility of creating their own scent. Once again, we have been able to captivate with our fragrances.

Our new fragrance collection, Scentsoo, is based on a customised fragrance concept that has been developed for perfumery, home and personal care sectors. Fragrances in this collection have been created by our perfumers Julia Rodriguez and Olaf Larsen. According to them, “Scentsoo awakens our customers’ senses, allowing them to combine different fragrances, applications, textures and materials to make customised, unique creations”.

This customisation option is available in the fine fragrance, personal care and homecare areas. For fine fragrances, we have created 4 perfumes -Powder in Bloom; Addictive Delight; Sublime Potion and Oriental Night- that can be mixed with four oils -Velvet Molecules; Touch of Suede; Amber Blush and Dark Woods-, to create infinite combinations.

In the home care category, we have worked with Bakhoors: fragrances for home, very similar to incense. Bakhoors are very common in the Middle East and are also used on special occasions such as weddings. Besides, they are used to perfume body, allowing the scent to permeate it. For BWME, we prepared an innovative collection of Bakhoors that use one same base, Silverscent, combined with four different oils: Velvet Molecules; Touch of Suede; Amber Blush and Dark Woods. This variety allowed customers to create signature scents for their home.

And the last, but not the least, is our body care segment! We have really boosted it by launching and innovative beauty ritual that consists of five stages. In this case, we have used one perfume, Powder in Bloom, which varies depending on the application. This is the first time that the olfactory layering concept has been used in the personal care segment! That is why we have taken this innovative collection to the extreme, with new textures, upgraded formulations and unusual ways to take care of the skin.

Furthermore, apart from our usual stand at the BWME, stand F28, which has been focused on fine fragrances and home care, we have had a new stand, G32, featuring personal care. This is a result of our push to body care segment. Both stands have proved extremely popular during the trade fair thanks to the high-tech features that have made an enormous impact, with visitors enjoying their dynamic, multisensory, delightful and interactive possibilities.

We have again made an impression at Beautyworld Middle East. Because creativity is a way of thinking and, most of all, a way of being. Congrats team!

Scentsoo??, a new customisable collection of fragrances

Scentsoo, una nueva colección de fragancias personalizables

Conoce con detalle la nueva colección que Eurofragance presentó en Beautyworld Middle East 2017

Por primera vez, cualquiera puede expresarse plenamente en un perfume“. Este ha sido uno de los principales atractivos de la presencia de Eurofragance en la Beautyworld Middle East. Los visitantes se han asombrado sobre la posibilidad de crear su propia esencia. Una vez más, hemos podido cautivar con nuestras fragancias.

Nuestra nueva colección de fragancias, Scentsoo, se basa en un concepto de fragancia personalizado y que se ha desarrollado para los sectores de perfumería fina, cuidado del hogar y cuidado personal. Las fragancias de esta colección han sido creadas por nuestros perfumistas Julia Rodríguez y Olaf Larsen. Según ellos, Scentsoo despierta los sentidos de nuestros clientes, permitiéndoles combinar diferentes fragancias, aplicaciones, texturas y materiales para hacer creaciones personalizadas y únicas“.

La personalización de las creaciones se puede realizar dentro de las categorías de perfumería fina, el cuidado personal y del hogar. En perfumería fina, hemos creado 4 perfumes – Powder in Bloom; Addictive Delight; Sublime Potion y Oriental Night- que se pueden mezclar con cuatro aceites – Velvet Molecules; Touch of Suede; Amber Blush y Dark Woods -, para crear combinaciones infinitas.

Para la categoría de cuidado del hogar, hemos trabajado con Bakhoors: fragancias para el hogar, muy similares al incienso. Los Bakhoors son muy comunes en Oriente Medio y también se utilizan en ocasiones especiales como bodas. Además, se usan para perfumar el cuerpo, permitiendo que el olor lo impregne. Para la BWME, preparamos una innovadora colección de Bakhoors que se sirven de una misma base, Silverscent, para combinarla con cuatro aceites diferentes: Velvet Molecules; Touch of Suede; Amber Blush y Dark Woods. Esta variedad permitió a los clientes crear olores de firma para su hogar.

Y por último, pero no menos importante, ¡nuestro segmento de cuidado personal! Lo hemos impulsado lanzando un innovador ritual de belleza que consta de cinco etapas. En este caso, hemos utilizado un perfume, Powder in Bloom, que varía dependiendo de la aplicación. Esta es la primera vez que el concepto de layering olfativo (capas olfativas) se ha utilizado en el segmento de cuidado personal. Es por eso que hemos llevado esta colección innovadora al extremo, con nuevas texturas, formulaciones mejoradas y formas inusuales de cuidar la piel.

Además, aparte de nuestro stand habitual en el BWME, stand F28, que se ha centrado en la perfumería fina y el cuidado del hogar, hemos tenido un nuevo stand, el G32, dedicado al cuidado personal. Esto es resultado de nuestro impulso al segmento del cuidado del cuerpo. Ambos stands han demostrado ser muy populares durante la feria gracias a los elementos de alta tecnología, que han impactado a los visitantes, quienes han disfrutado de sus posibilidades dinámicas, multisensoriales e interactivas.

Hemos impresionado de nuevo en la Beautyworld Middle East. Porque la creatividad es una forma de pensar y, sobre todo, una forma de ser. ¡Felicidades equipo!