New year, new chances to keep Capturing Sensations around the world

New year, new chances to keep Capturing Sensations around the world

After an exciting 2017, Eurofragance prepares to introduce its fragrances in different markets during 2018

Last year was exciting at Eurofragance. The company surprised everyone at Beautyworld Middle East, thanks to the Scentsoo collection and a captivating stand that was praised by media and visitors; welcomed new employees such as Andrés Pagés, General Manager for Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean, and Juan Ramón López Gil, new Chief Financial Officer; announced Halal certified fragrances through Asia production facility, and presented “Sensolab Fine Fragrance”, an innovative initiative that proposes new perfumery textures for the Fine Fragrance market.

These achievements were possible thanks to a hard and excellent team work. Our Eurofragancers keep giving their best to keep Capturing Sensations around the world through fragrances that bring emotions and wellness.

During 2017, at Eurofragance, we also introduced Eurocaps, a new formula for clothes’ scent to last longer, a new system that gives long-lasting qualities to fragrances applied in different products such as fabric softeners and detergents. Eurocaps are part of an ambitious research and development plan the company has developed for the coming years. Moreover, this 2018, more innovations are expected, so keep your eyes wide open because we´ll be telling you all about them on this special corner that is our blog.

Apart from innovation, teamwork and fragrances that Capture Sensations, there is an element that has been intrinsically related to Eurofragance culture from the very beginning: a determined international outlook. In this regard, and over the past year, the company participated in COSME TOKYO, its first landing at Japanese market. Also, it added the capability to produce Halal certified fragrances at its Singapore Rapido production facility, envisaging expanding the sale of these fragrances to other countries with an interest in Halal certification globally.

For 2018, Eurofragance has got new projects and challenges that we will soon uncover. In the meantime, let´s keep enriching our knowledge about fragrances world, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

How do we create fragrances?

How do we create fragrances?

By listening to clients, knowing consumers and being passionate about what we do

Have you ever wondered how fragrances are created? Nothing in life is a coincidence nor in the perfume world. Today´s post is especially written for you, the one wondering if fragrances creation is just a matter of mixing raw materials or if it is something more creative and far more complicated.

As so many other processes in business, the process of creating fragrances starts with a briefing. Clients expose their goals and explain the characteristics they pursue for the product they want to introduce into the market. From this point, we initiate the project to get the perfect odour, the one that accomplishes clients ´goals and needs.

Perfumers start a creative procedure, as well as precise, to find the wanted formula. This procedure includes their input, their particular way to get inspired and their knowledge of the olfactory notes and the market trends. They try not only to achieve clients’ expectations but also capture sensations for consumers to feel them when they smell the new fragrance.

But there is no total freedom to create a fragrance: it has to meet the requirements not only of the client and the market but also countries´ regulations. Besides, perfumers need to take into account the characteristics of the final product. Depending on the product where the fragrance will be applied (perfume, body care lotion, air freshener…) there will be different technical requirements to accomplish.

So perfumers’ work is to get a creative and fascinating essence within functional limits. This is a real challenge.

Once they have got the formula, this is sent to the lab compounding where the lab team produces small samples with the designed scent.

Then, the samples are sent to the applications team where they are tested on the final product to evaluate the behaviour of the fragrance. Subsequently, accelerated studies of stability are carried out in order to see how the fragrance responds to drastic conditions and also to simulate its real use.

Finally, product goes through different tests which include: physical, chemical and organoleptic in order to establish the standard parameters of this new fragrance. The main purpose of these tests is to ensure that the quality control of the product responds to our high quality standards.

Voilà! The new fragrance is ready for the market.

As we have said, it is a process in which are involved clients´objectives, perfumers´ inspiration and creativity, and quality tests. What makes this process unique is our PEOPLE, PASSION and CREATIVITY.

Why we choose buying perfume on Christmas?

Why we choose buying perfume on Christmas?

An appealing fragrance can be the best of presents

Have you noticed that perfume ads are increasing on TV? It is that time of the year. It is the moment when we start thinking what to buy for our loved ones for Christmas. Perfume is always a good choice. But, be careful, you need to know well the person you are buying the perfume for.

Who doesn´t like to receive an enchanting fragrance for Christmas? It is like receiving clothes. Perfume is something you will wear. Most of us like to change our perfume according to the season we are in. So, as we have told you previously, it is really common for consumers to have a “scents wardrobe”.

Perfumes make us dream about different universes; they take us back in time; remind us different feelings, and help us have sensorial experiences. Furthermore, Christmas is one of those moments of the year when we are more open to feel, to love, to dream and to enjoy.

Eurofragance headquarters, offices and centres are especially perfumed these days. You can sense the spiced and sweet olfactory notes of our products. On Christmas our production increases as brands want to launch special products and we work hard to deliver clients´ requested fragrances on time.

The fragrances we create during this season are designed for perfumes and also other products such as candles or body care lotions.

Our experts tell us the most common scents in winter are those which are hypnotising, sweet, wooded and spiced. It is a cold season so we prefer warm perfumes.

This year the trend both for men and women perfumes is the same: oriental style. We now go for spiced scents, woody scents and scents with components like leather. Gourmand fragrances are still in fashion but they are more sophisticated and faceted.

Other question we are lately discussing about is the public preference for niche scents instead of well-known brands scents. In this case, both options are recommended. Niche perfumes offer us more presumptuous fragrances and allow us to be different. However, traditional brands are innovating more and more in order to keep their market share. So, this is entirely up to you.

At Eurofragance we are already enjoying the fragrances you will soon smell at shops…Exciting!

Have you already decided what type of perfume you will buy for Christmas?