Sport fragrances: not a trend but a new sector

Sport fragrances: not a trend but a new sector

There are scents specifically created for cosmetic products used before, during or after doing sport

People do more exercise. That´s a fact. Nowadays, we all are aware of the benefits that a healthy lifestyle has on our health and our wellbeing. Running, swimming, cycling, paddling, every one of us prefers one sport to another but it doesn´t matter because is still beneficial and good for us to keep in shape.

This has led to a rising market of products targeted to this new class of active consumers.  Among them, specific cosmetic products that adapt to this blooming lifestyles, such as creams and oils that are activated by temperature, water or sweat, or fragrances that help you work out harder.

In order to identify lifestyle trends and create fragrances which can fit in new cosmetic products, our Marketing Sensorial Studio, Applications Sensolab Studio, evaluators, perfumers, etc… keep their eyes open to social changes. Once they have identified a trend, they create fragrance collections to cater that trend. In this specific case, sport cosmetics, we have created collections for both men and women cosmetics. Although fragrances for sport cosmetics were first born in men products, cosmetics for women are now growing to cater a new group of women who train hard.

You might be wondering what is the difference between fragrances created for cosmetics and those created for “sport cosmetics”. Fragrances created for products that are used before, during or after sport have got specific characteristics:

  • They are fresh, citrus, marine, and they feel “clean”.
  • They are created to fit cosmetics products and their performance. They work well on specific situations. For example: to keep working under sweat or to have a relaxing effect after sport and shower.
  • Most of them tend to be unisex.

A couple of years ago this trend seemed to be a niche market, but now a whole new range of products are in the personal care and fragrance markets. A new, authentic sport’s beauty market emerges, seen as a natural extension of fitness clothes and supplements.

At Eurofragance we keep creating and innovating to capture sensations through our fragrances.

Stay tuned! We will talk very soon about a new collection for body care products.

COSME TOKYO 2017, here we come!

COSME TOKYO 2017, here we come!

Eurofragance participates in Japan´s largest cosmetics fair

COSME TOKYO-COSME Tech 2017 is taking place this week! From the 23rd to the 25th of January, the Japanese largest exhibition specialised in cosmetics is offering to all visitants an amazing opportunity to “find, try, compare and purchase the latest cosmetic products and toiletries from all around the world”.

This year, the cosmetics trade fair has become larger and more international. It actually gathers 780 exhibitors from 40 countries and regions. And guess what? Eurofragance is among those exhibitors! We have a stand within the Barcelona Beauty Cluster Delegation. This cluster is formed by a group of companies which specialize in beauty and cosmetics. Eurofragance is part of those companies as we want to be better day by day and the best way is sharing knowledge and working along more experts to innovate in the fascinating sector of beauty and cosmetics.

We couldn’t be happier! This is a great chance to introduce our company to Japan! That is why we will be showing a variety of fragrances for different segments like fine fragrances, body care and home care products.

Above all, the fragrances are created to surprise and enchant the Japanese market. Red fruits, anise, sweet amber, brown sugar, black pepper, coffee, cocoa, honey, mandarin, chamallow…are only few of the hundreds of raw materials that our talented perfumers have used for this special occasion.

However, our star on this fair it is going to be the Greenery Collection. Greenery is fresh and revitalizing air, symbol of new beginnings, symbol of our new beginning in Japan!

PASSION moves our talented PEOPLE to convert their CREATIVITY into enchanting FRAGRANCES.

Hello Japan! We are coming to surprise you!

Stay tuned, our beloved readers, we will keep you posted.

Delight your senses with aromatic fragrances

Delight your senses with aromatic fragrances

Eurofragance presents Eurofragance Bar, a selection of 15 scents inspired by cocktails and used in personal care products

We all know there are two senses really connected and they are smell and taste.  Smell helps us feel the flavour in food and drinks. Why not converting flavours into smells? Why not conveying exotic flavours to captivating fragrances?

Eurofragance Bar is the result of doing so: a selection of 15 fragrances inspired by cocktails and used in personal care products such as: jelly bath with watermelon martini fragrance, a gin tonic scented shaving gel or a sun protection cream with pina colada smell.

Our firm took part in the Expo Cosmética 2016 trade show at the World Trade Centre Mexico City on 3 and 4 August. We presented our Bar along with our local distributors, Kemcare and Mexfragance, and also launched a special fine fragrance collection that has been created by the perfumer Jorge Guerrero. This collection is inspired by the world’s most famous drinks as well, such as whisky, gin tonic, mezcal or cava.

“Creativity is intelligence having fun”, Albert Einstein would say. Straight to the point.

The perfume world is wide, diverse and mysterious where creativity is key to win consumers love. Innovating, creating and getting the wow factor are necessary to produce the most fascinating fragrances.

This time Eurofragance got really creative by producing amazing fragrances for personal care products. We created a caipirinha scent for shampoo, Baileys fragrance for therapy skin cream or beer aroma for a 3 in 1 product for men. As experts in Personal Care, we interpret trends, we launch new products, and we also research the tastes of consumers to bring new and exciting ideas to our customers.

Let your senses work together to feel every scent on your skin and on your hair. We design and produce fragrances for the wellness and for the happiness of consumers.

What is your favourite cocktail? Would you let us create a body care product that reminds you of your favourite drink?

Fragrances bring a hedonic value to Body Care Products

Fragrances bring a hedonic value to Body Care Products

The sensorial and olfactive opportunities that fragrances offer to body care products are endless

What is your favourite scent? Would you believe us if we assured you that you can get the scent you love on a cosmetic product? Generally, we buy a good fine perfume when we think about our body odour. However, considering the use of products for body care such as creams or deodorants will help you get the scent you want in your skin. It will help you create a unique and pleasant fragrance for your body.

We are in summer, the season of the year when products for body care are most commonly used. We go to the beach or pool; we sunbathe or we go to the mountain for hiking; we actually do many outdoor activities. In short, any of these activities require the use of sunscreen before and a lotion afterwards because all these actions have an effect on the skin and can be damaging or produce dryness and cracking.

Hydration is essential for good care of our skin and also to form the particular image we want for ourselves thanks to the fragrance that products for body care leave in our body. These fragrances bring a hedonic value to these products and also reinforce the benefits of personal care cosmetics.

Have you ever met someone and thought “I love that smell, I want that fragrance in my body”? There is a wide variety of cosmetic products on the market. Just decide what kind of fragrance you like and which one smells better on your skin. Vanilla, citrus, roses, mint, jasmine … Which one goes with you?

Eurofragance, creator and producer of fragrances for personal products, interprets trends. At the company we launch new products, we study the market and investigate on consumer tastes in order to generate new ideas for our customers. In addition, all fragrances developed meet the legal requirements of each country and are tested on final product formulations. In the case of fragrances designed for body creams, these are subjected to stability studies and then evaluated in different conditions to ensure their suitability over time.

One of the most important assets of Eurofragance is the global network of creative perfumers and evaluators who have a strong regional experience and guide the development of each product.

Every continent, every country and every culture have a particular idea of what an attractive and captivating essence is. Therefore, we must consider the diverse tastes, markets and trends to offer fragrances that give body care products a pleasant perfume according to different publics.

Choose the right perfume for your body care products, choose fragrances that make you feel good.