Eurofragance travels to space with the COSMIC NOMAD COLLECTION

Eurofragance travels to space with the COSMIC NOMAD COLLECTION

We’ve done it again! The biggest international beauty and well-being event has been the launchpad for our most eagerly awaited collection: Cosmic Nomad. Set in a galactic atmosphere, surrounded by neon colours and in line with Eurofragrance’s adventurous nature, Nomad Cosmic was equally successful as Nomad Tales. And the first edition of Nomad Experience had set the bar very high!

In 2018, our fragrances swept everyone away to far-flung, imaginary lands based on four elements (Jasmineair, Aquaoud, Cardamon´fire and Shamamia), and this year’s creation is out of this world. The Cosmic Nomad collection tells the story of an epic voyage to far beyond the Milky Way in search of supernatural treasures from the stars. We gave our perfumers a multisensory mission to design five fragrances, each showcasing one of Eurofragance’s hallmark raw materials. Who would like to experience some stellar scents?

The Cosmic Nomad fragrance collection

Vetiver Asteroid: our perfumer Olaf Larsen created a perfume based on eternal scents.  A composition with woody notes combined with fresh bergamot and lively pink pepper. With a sensual heart note of oud enveloped in floral jasmine and predominant notes of vetiver, this fragrance gets depth from creamy sandalwood and sensual ambergris.

Illuminating Rose: Soizic Beaucourt is the talent behind Illuminating Rose, a fragrance as rich and intoxicating as nature itself. The scent of rose is a gateway to a marvellous galaxy of light. With spicy cardamom and saffron top notes, its heart beats to the floral rhythm of rose syrup and delicate iris. The composition ends with notes of sandalwood, patchouli, vanilla and amber.

Cosmic Tonka: another Olaf Larson creation embarks you on a journey to the dark side of the cosmos. A transcendent, sweet, hypnotic, mystical creation. Succulent bergamot enhances a gourmand heart of Tonka beans and ambergris enveloped in intoxicating notes of laudanum, musk and oakmoss.

Stardust Labdanum: Angeline Poubeau’s scent is based on two ingredients: labdanum and rose accentuated by warm, spicy notes like saffron and pink pepper. The sensual base has animal, leather notes that combine sweet vanilla and amber to perfection.

Refractive Frankincense: Julia Rodríguez’s fragrance offers us a mystical aura of colour and magic, brilliant and crisp. It has fresh notes of Italian bergamot mixed with hot incense oil. A spicy pinch of pink pepper and cardamom combines with floral and geranium notes wrapped in a sensual aura of ambergris, cedarwood and musk.

The special and fantastic smell of Eurofragance fragrances can take you to visit magical and unique places only with their essence. Follow us in our journey and don’t get lost on the way!


Jasmineair, Aquaoud, Cardamon’fire, Shamamia!…  The olfactive itinerary of Nomad Tales

Jasmineair, Aquaoud, Cardamon’fire, Shamamia!… The olfactive itinerary of Nomad Tales

Eurofragance unveils the story behind the new collection presented at Beautyworld Middle East 2018 in Dubai

Have you ever felt the nostalgia of traveling to imaginary lands? That is precisely the feeling that inspired Nomad Tales, our new fragrance collection finally revealed at Beautyworld Middle East 2018. Scents based on precious raw materials that will transport you to fantastic worlds. A collection that was one of the most awaited themes during the 23rd edition of the largest fair of cosmetics and fragrances in the Middle East.

Nomad Tales is truly a unique sensorial experience: Four adventures told by our four exclusive fragrances. Jasmine, oud, cardamom and shamama combined with the mystical forces of the 4 elements of Air, Water, Fire and Earth carry you on a journey to the faraway lands beyond imagination.

Four lands, four elements, four fragrances

Jasmineair: Impulsive and powerful just like air that comes in two forms: a hot sand storm that reshapes the golden sand dunes versus the oxygen that brings life into objects. A timeless and precious fragrance of Soizic Beaucourt.

Aquaoud: An unconventional evocative scent that reinvents the enigmatic oud… A contrasted harmony created by Olaf Larsen.

Cardamon’fire: The scent that burns with the heat of a thousand fires… Tempting and dangerous; passionate and seductive. This raw and carnal fragrance is the work of Belén García.

Shamamia!: The mystic attar captures the essence of the mother-earth; wise, nurturing, sacred and ever-evolving. A multi-faceted fragrance crafted by Julia Rodríguez.

Our perfumers, in collaboration with our excellent creative team, have designed a dreamlike map of distant lands unknown to date. Would you dare to visit them? Be careful, you might decide to stay!

Viaja a tierras fantásticas a través de la colección que Eurofragance ha preparado para la Beautyworld Middle East

Viaja a tierras fantásticas a través de la colección que Eurofragance ha preparado para la Beautyworld Middle East

“Nomad Tales”, inspirado en el espíritu viajero, es el nuevo tema que Eurofragance presentará en BWME 2018 (8-10 de mayo).

Sevilla y el embriagador aroma de azahar que envuelven la ciudad con sus más de 40,000 naranjos; el místico aroma de especias que llena las bulliciosas callejuelas del Gran Bazar en Estambul; el delicioso e incitante perfume de croissants recién horneados de las panaderías de París y muchos más … Los apasionados de los viajes saben mejor que nadie que la mejor experiencia no es solo visitar lugares únicos y explorarlos, sino sumergirse en su atmósfera, donde las fragancias juegan un papel fundamental. Los colores, sonidos, sabores, texturas y, por supuesto, los olores son la clave para recordarlos.

Marcel Proust se refería a estas emociones únicas en En busca del tiempo perdido: “el único y verdadero viaje de descubrimiento, la única fuente de la eterna juventud no sería visitar tierras extrañas sino poseer otros ojos, contemplar el universo a través de la mirada de otro, de un centenar de otros, contemplar cientos de universos que cada uno de ellos puede ver, que cada uno de ellos es.”

‘Nomad Tales’: Descubrimientos olfativos de tierras lejanas

El viaje de Eurofragance está alimentado por la curiosidad que tiene un nómada para descubrir las tierras a las que aún no han viajado. Sus experiencias y recuerdos de estos viajes van más allá de la imaginación … Y aunque no sabemos, tampoco queremos saber si estas tierras existen realmente o si están en la mente del cuentacuentos. Simplemente nos quedamos con la riqueza de los recuerdos olfativos y la forma en la que cuenta sus historias.

Sin duda, el poder de las fragancias nos permite viajar a lugares que existen sólo en nuestra imaginación. La literatura, el cine y el arte en general también nos dan la oportunidad de experimentarlos y explorarlos, pero no nos sumergen por completo en su atmósfera sensorial. ¿A quién no le gustaría respirar en el ambiente oriental de las Mil y una noches o saborear los paisajes de La Mancha de Don Quijote? Por esta razón, Eurofragance ha creado ‘Nomad Tales’: una creación artística inspirada en el poder sobrenatural de los cuatro elementos – agua, tierra, fuego y aire.

Nomad Tales, un viaje de profundo autodescubrimiento que sólo podrás conocer con Eurofragance durante la próxima edición de Beautyworld del 8 al 10 de mayo en Dubái. ¡Déjate llevar por esta experiencia sensorial única y redescúbrete con Eurofragance!

La colección Nomad Tales te espera en la BWME 2018 Hall 4 F28. Muy pronto te contaremos más de detalles …



Viaja a tierras fantásticas a través de la colección que Eurofragance ha preparado para la Beautyworld Middle East

Travel to imaginary lands through Eurofragance collection at Beautyworld Middle East

“Nomad Tales” is the new theme that Eurofragance will reveal in BWME 2018 (May 8-10th) inspired by a sense of wanderlust.

Seville and the intoxicating orange blossom aroma delightfully filing the air from its more than 40,000 orange trees; the rich mystical scent of spices lingering in the bustling alleys of the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul; the delicious inviting smell of freshly-baked croissants from the boulangeries of  Paris and many more… Travel enthusiasts know better than anyone that the best experience is not only to visit unique places and explore them, but to immerse into their atmosphere, where fragrances play a fundamental role. Colours, sounds, flavours, textures and, of course, smells are key to remember them.

Marcel Proust referred to these unique emotions in ‘In Search of Lost Time’ when he said that “The only true voyage of discovery, the only fountain of Eternal Youth, would be not to visit  strange lands but to possess other eyes, to behold the universe through the eyes of others, of a hundred others, to behold the hundred universes that each of them beholds, that each of them is.”

“Nomad Tales”: Olfactive Discoveries from lands afar…

The  journey of Eurofragance is fuelled by the instinct of curiosity of a nomad to discover the lands not yet travelled. The experiences and the memories brought back from these journeys go beyond the imagination… Neither do we know or would insist on knowing whether these lands really exist or it is in the imagination of the story teller. We are simply bewildered by the richness of the olfactive trophies and the way their stories are told.

Indeed, the power of fragrances allows us to travel to places in our imaginations. Literature, cinema and art in general have also allowed us to experience and explore them, but have not completely submerged us into a total sensory atmosphere. Who would not want to breathe in the oriental ambiance of the Arabian Nights or savour the landscapes of La Mancha of Don Quixote? For this reason, Eurofragance has created the ‘Nomad Tales’: a curious collection of precious scents dedicated to those inflicted by wanderlust. In an artistic exploration inspired by introspection, intuition, courage and determination, Nomad Tales will transport us to four distant hyper-sensorial lands with fascinating encounters and enriching memories powered by the four elements: Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

An olfactory journey of self-discovery beyond your boundaries that you can only experience with Eurofragance during the next edition of Beautyworld Middle East in Dubai from May 8 to 10th.

The Nomad Tales collection waits for you at BWME 2018. Hall 4 F28. More details will be coming soon…

From Esxence to In Cosmetics Global: Eurofragance journey through 2018 most exciting fairs

From Esxence to In Cosmetics Global: Eurofragance journey through 2018 most exciting fairs

The future and most innovative trends of Home and Personal Care sector come together in these events

2018 is being a key year for Eurofragance new business strategy guided by ambitious challenges and projects. Performance, as one of our values, is leading Eurofragance to attend an increasing number of sectorial and product-segmented fairs with the aim of creating fragrances more consumer-oriented through fruitful partnerships.

On the eve of the BeautyWorld Middle East, the most expected event of the year, we would like to summarize our presence in the several fairs ran during April.

ESXENCE 5th – 8th April

Our colleagues Giulio, Francesca, Belén and Nevra discovered the latest developments in artistic perfumery presented in the tenth anniversary of “Esxence, the scent of excellence”.  Celebrated in Milan, this fair is a good opportunity to immerse in the fragrances world.

DETEX 10th – 11th April

We participated in Detex, the most important conference about detergency in Arab countries, held in Amman. Our presence at this fair reinforces our approach within the Home Care segment. In this regard, we have created our Eurocaps TM  and recently introduced the new olfactory booths at our Head Quarters.

BEAUTY EURASIA 12th – 14th April

Our Turkish team has been meeting clients and discovering the latest launches in Personal Care in BeautyEurasia, the leading B2B cosmetics and Personal Care event for Turkey and the surrounding region.

IN COSMETICS GLOBAL 17th – 19th April

Our R & D Director, Carlos Llorca, and Myriam Terés, our Applications Manager, were in the 28th edition of In cosmetics Global, held in Amsterdam. The exhibition brought together personal care ingredients suppliers with finished product manufacturers. This edition has been full of lectures on launches of new active ingredients, workshops about formulations and, of course, captivating fragrances. All of them good reasons for Eurofragance to attend.

But the very best is yet to come! Beautyworld Middle East 2018 will constitute a turning point for Eurofragance and our customers. Stay tuned because we will be unveiling some details about our presence at the BWME soon!