Acompáñanos en Barcelona Olfaction Week (BOW) 2020

Acompáñanos en Barcelona Olfaction Week (BOW) 2020

Barcelona será la anfitriona de la Barcelona Olfaction Week (BOW) del 29 de junio al 4 de julio de 2020. Esta semana de eventos explorará las grandes riquezas del mundo de la perfumería y su relación histórica con Barcelona, la gastronomía y el arte. El perfume, las ciencias olfativas y la cultura confluirán durante toda una semana. 

Eurofragance es patrocinador de Oro del BOW 2020. El festival se compondrá de 9 actividades, la mayoría de las cuales tendrán lugar online (y requieren una pre-inscripción). Acompáñanos en 3 eventos exclusivos a cargo de nuestros expertos de Eurofragance, los cuales se detallan a continuación.

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Fechas: Lun, 29 de junio, 2020 – Sáb, 4 de julio, 2020

Ubicación: Online (Descubre más en los enlaces de abajo).


Como Patrocinadores de Oro, seremos los anfitriones de tres eventos durante el BOW 2020. 

  • Martes 30 de junio, 10:00-11:00

Perfumery Online Webinar (Inglés)

Nuestro perfumista Lucas Sieuzac explorará el papel de las especias en la perfumería a través de los años y cómo influyen en la paleta de los perfumistas. Las primeras 25 personas que se registren recibirán 4 creaciones únicas que serán presentadas en el webinar. 

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  • Jueves 2 de julio, 9:00-17:00

Barcelona Olfaction Congress

Nuestro investigador de fragancias Felipe San Juan presentará nuestro “expertise” en body odor management & fragrance technology para resolver problemas de sudor. 

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  • Viernes 3 de julio, 9:00-13:30

Mesa redonda sobre «El universo del perfume: historia y sinestesia sensorial».

Nuestra perfumista Bettina Perisson se unirá a otros expertos para hablar del lenguaje que comparten el perfume, la música y el vino. 

Descubre más sobre el evento y los ponentes aquí:

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Creativity + Innovation: Two Fundamental Ingredients in Fragrance Design

Creativity + Innovation: Two Fundamental Ingredients in Fragrance Design

To celebrate International Creativity and Innovation Day, we are thrilled to share one of our core areas of expertise with you, fragrance design. It combines creativity and innovation, and plays a fundamental role in achieving our objective of perfuming the world. Our in-house team of experts conduct extensive research and analysis, in

Creativity + Innovation: Two Fundamental Ingredients in Fragrance Design

novate using applied technology and  perfumer expertise, and leverage our wide range of quality olfactory ingredients.

This all comes together in Eurofragance’s Sensolab, a laboratory where fragrances come to life through textures application and renewed formulations. Smell Me Founder Melina Napolitano sat down with Eurofragance’s Applications Manager Myriam Terés to discuss the work that takes place in the SensoLab.

Melina Napolitano: How does a liquid fragrance become an innovative product? 

Myriam Terés: This is the objective of Sensolab – to propose and apply new textures for the perfume market; formats where the consumer can explore the fragrance with the senses. The purpose is to be able to make the invisible tangible, to make fragrances a lively feature in the product, and thus, become a source of inspiration for our customers.

We know that perfume is a source of pleasure and wellbeing, and that the choice of a fragrance is our olfactory code compared to others. Fragrance is a sensorial experience in itself, as it gives us the ability to transport our mind to any place, at any time. This type of experience sometimes requires all the senses to make it happen.  

Sensolab tries to find new textures in which to present the perfume; solid textures, foams etc. This allows us to experience fragrances in different formats, that’s what we call innovation. 

MN: What is the process of creating a fragrance?

MT: The first step is the design of the fragrance. The choice of the right ingredients, along with creativity, is in the hands of the perfumers. They know in depth which raw materials should be used for each type of application, and they also have great expertise in the broad olfactory palette.

Then, the fragrance designed by the perfumer, goes through the application area where a physical-chemical evaluation of the composition is conducted and the behavior of the application itself is studied (shower gel, body lotion, etc.).  

Once these steps have been carried out, the evaluators sit with the fragrances and check that the fragrance application in the product continues to be successful. This is what is called a zero-time validated fragrance. Then, stability studies are carried out to check that the stability of the fragrance does not change over time until the final fragrance is reached.

MN: A fragrance could be in multiple formats, right?

MT: Yes! Have you ever experienced a powdered perfume? Well, fragrance in this format has a double function: one is to give off a scent and the other is to moisturize. This format for a fragrance makes it easy to carry with the added benefit of nourishing the skin.

But there are many more types of textures in fragrances…

Solid perfume is a perfumed balm that can be applied by fingertip. Not only does it require less water in its chemical composition and formulation, but it also weighs less as a finished product. This implies a more sustainable product life cycle. The solid perfume can be converted into a gel shampoo, bath, body lotion, and deodorant in stick format.

These textures arise from a new trend called waterless perfumes, which arises from the movement to protect our most important natural resource: water. Here, innovation manifests in the need to respond to a global crisis, and calls for improved sustainability. 

Foam fragrances, one of the most popular formats, are presented in an airy, voluptuous texture that also serves a moisturizing function. 


Innovation is more than just a buzzword; Sensolab has no limits in its mission to exceed expectations. The goal is to continue inspiring customers and working on the creation of new ways to enjoy fragrances!

smellmelogo sensolablogo

Eurofragance attends the PLMA Chicago 2019!

Eurofragance attends the PLMA Chicago 2019!

The PLMA Chicago 2019 is happening now! PLMA’s annual Private Label Trade Show is one of the most important events for the health & beauty, food & beverage and household products industries for the US & Canada market.

After almost 2 years of being established in USA; and upon our expertise in fragrances for different applications in the health & beauty and household industries, the PLMA Chicago is the place to be to share our expertise!

We have launched a very special Collection, the 4 Seasons of Fragrances which includes several scents linked to each season and to various categories. On top of that, we present our innovative Cannabis Corner. Are you ready to discover them?

The 4 Seasons of Fragrances

Have you ever wondered how it would be to experience the four seasons in one day? With this new collection we wanted to create different fragrances (matching each season) for four different applications.

  • Spring Showers: A sampling of refreshing yet complex personal care fragrances developed for body lotion and shower gel. Find out more about 100% Natural Fragrances.
  • Summer Waves: Vibrant and moisturizing, these summer-appropriate scents are perfect for shampoo and styling products, including the multicultural hair market.
  • Fall Fires: Our candle selection is cosy and inviting, creating the perfect autumn ambiance for home with little fall flames.
  • Winter Sparks: These fine fragrances beautifully capture exciting snapshots of winter – whether it’s an electric spark in the cool, crisp air, the twinkle of golden lights, or the tantalizing fizz of celebratory champagne.

Cannabis Corner

Escape the reality of seasons with year-round chill, in our virtual escape room or Cannabis Corner.

The hemp collection offers a variety of applications to showcase the kaleidoscope of cannabis interpretations available through fragrance.  Discover our fragrances for body milk, candle, room spray and fine fragrance.

At Eurofragance, we pride ourselves on our in-depth knowledge of market and product trends. It is always a pleasure for us to attend to these types of fairs where we get to meet you all and share all our new creations and projects.

See you in the next one!