Waste management at Eurofragance

Waste management at Eurofragance

During this month of April, Earth Month, we have compiled all the actions we take at our Rubí factory, in Spain, for the sustainable management of resources and waste.

In order to be more sustainable and implement eco-efficiency in the company, we use certified 100% recycled steel metal drums. As for waste, all our containers – metal drums, plastic bottles and IBCs – are recovered by an authorised and certified waste manager.

In the event that one of the different types of containers cannot be recovered, they are compressed. They are then shredded and treated by authorised waste management companies.

What our waste manager does

Our waste manager is a key part of our company’s general environmental management system.

It is responsible for washing, rinsing and drying the insides of containers. It is also responsible for inspecting the state of interior cleanliness and the condition, testing air tightness – pressurised air – and replacing parts if necessary (seal, plastic body, lids, clamp top), exterior cleaning, manual painting, oven drying and marking.

Types of materials we use  

  • All our internal pallets are made from recycled plastic. Wooden pallets from suppliers are reused.
  • We have significantly reduced the use of absorbent paper in the production plant with the implementation of washable cloth through an ISO 14001 compliant manager.
  • The cardboard and plastics we generate are recovered by an authorised manager to give them a second life.
  • Confidential paper is shredded by a waste manager for reuse as second quality paper.

We have a new project underway which involves the recovery of plastic bevels from adhesive labels.

Towards eco-efficiency

At Eurofragance, we aim to follow the Sustainable Development Goals and targets set by the United Nations with every action we carry out. In this case, we’re talking about Goal 12, “Responsible consumption and production”, Goal 13, “Climate action” and Goal 15, “Life on land”.

In line with Goal 12, we want to do more (and better) with less, reduce waste generation through prevention, reduction, recycling paper, cardboard, plastic, aluminium, etc., and reuse. What’s more, our actions in terms of waste are also linked to Goal 13, which is centred around adopting measures to combat climate change and its effects. We can also highlight the relationship with Goal 15, as we’re working to prevent the degradation of ecosystems and soil contamination.

Our intention is to reduce waste as much as possible at all our sites in the coming three years. We are trying to implement a transition to a circular economy that allows us to “close the life cycle” of waste, as well as that of products, energy and more. We’re aiming to ensure that materials and waste can be reused, reprocessed and reintroduced into the production cycle.

Our goal at Eurofragance is clear: to achieve eco-efficiency. In other words, to produce more with less, to reduce the amount of resources required and, above all, to minimise the generation of waste.

Eurofragance joins the IFRA-IOFI Charter for a more sustainable future

Eurofragance joins the IFRA-IOFI Charter for a more sustainable future

In another demonstration of our commitment to sustainability and the environment, Eurofragance has joined the Sustainability Charter put together by the IFRA (International Fragrance Association) and the IOFI (International Organization of the Flavor Industry): an initiative to promote sustainable development in the fragrance and flavor industry.

With more than 100 companies involved, this collective commitment aims to make a difference, not just for the future of the planet, but also for people and the industry. The initiative, which was launched in early July, deals with sustainability in all its facets, with 17 commitments in 5 main focus areas: responsible sourcing, reducing environmental footprint, employees’ well-being, product safety, and transparency and partnerships.

The IFRA-IOFI Sustainability Charter is a step forward in Eurofragance’s Green Project: our 3-year plan to be more sustainable by reviewing and analysing every detail of every process within the company. ‘It’s very important for us to be part of this commitment. We are well aware that we only have one planet and its future depends on all of us and our actions. That is why, beyond revisiting our processes, it is essential that we strive for innovation, seek new ways of working, limit our use of natural resources and squeeze as much as we can out of our creativity’, explains Laurent Mercier, CEO of Eurofragance.

The Charter, promoted by the IFRA and the IOFI, has been in development since 2016 and follows the sustainable development goals proposed by the United Nations. Its aim is to help the industries continue to advance on the path to sustainability through the exchange of best practices, tools and progress evaluation. It is designed to be inclusive and aspirational, with clear, achievable goals that enable companies to improve the industry’s sustainability, regardless of their size.

An overall industry progress report will be published in early 2021, with contribution from Eurofragance on its progress in each of the 17 commitments in the 5 focus areas.

Creativity + Innovation: Two Fundamental Ingredients in Fragrance Design

Creativity + Innovation: Two Fundamental Ingredients in Fragrance Design

To celebrate International Creativity and Innovation Day, we are thrilled to share one of our core areas of expertise with you, fragrance design. It combines creativity and innovation, and plays a fundamental role in achieving our objective of perfuming the world. Our in-house team of experts conduct extensive research and analysis, in

Creativity + Innovation: Two Fundamental Ingredients in Fragrance Design

novate using applied technology and  perfumer expertise, and leverage our wide range of quality olfactory ingredients.

This all comes together in Eurofragance’s Sensolab, a laboratory where fragrances come to life through textures application and renewed formulations. Smell Me Founder Melina Napolitano sat down with Eurofragance’s Applications Manager Myriam Terés to discuss the work that takes place in the SensoLab.

Melina Napolitano: How does a liquid fragrance become an innovative product? 

Myriam Terés: This is the objective of Sensolab – to propose and apply new textures for the perfume market; formats where the consumer can explore the fragrance with the senses. The purpose is to be able to make the invisible tangible, to make fragrances a lively feature in the product, and thus, become a source of inspiration for our customers.

We know that perfume is a source of pleasure and wellbeing, and that the choice of a fragrance is our olfactory code compared to others. Fragrance is a sensorial experience in itself, as it gives us the ability to transport our mind to any place, at any time. This type of experience sometimes requires all the senses to make it happen.  

Sensolab tries to find new textures in which to present the perfume; solid textures, foams etc. This allows us to experience fragrances in different formats, that’s what we call innovation. 

MN: What is the process of creating a fragrance?

MT: The first step is the design of the fragrance. The choice of the right ingredients, along with creativity, is in the hands of the perfumers. They know in depth which raw materials should be used for each type of application, and they also have great expertise in the broad olfactory palette.

Then, the fragrance designed by the perfumer, goes through the application area where a physical-chemical evaluation of the composition is conducted and the behavior of the application itself is studied (shower gel, body lotion, etc.).  

Once these steps have been carried out, the evaluators sit with the fragrances and check that the fragrance application in the product continues to be successful. This is what is called a zero-time validated fragrance. Then, stability studies are carried out to check that the stability of the fragrance does not change over time until the final fragrance is reached.

MN: A fragrance could be in multiple formats, right?

MT: Yes! Have you ever experienced a powdered perfume? Well, fragrance in this format has a double function: one is to give off a scent and the other is to moisturize. This format for a fragrance makes it easy to carry with the added benefit of nourishing the skin.

But there are many more types of textures in fragrances…

Solid perfume is a perfumed balm that can be applied by fingertip. Not only does it require less water in its chemical composition and formulation, but it also weighs less as a finished product. This implies a more sustainable product life cycle. The solid perfume can be converted into a gel shampoo, bath, body lotion, and deodorant in stick format.

These textures arise from a new trend called waterless perfumes, which arises from the movement to protect our most important natural resource: water. Here, innovation manifests in the need to respond to a global crisis, and calls for improved sustainability. 

Foam fragrances, one of the most popular formats, are presented in an airy, voluptuous texture that also serves a moisturizing function. 


Innovation is more than just a buzzword; Sensolab has no limits in its mission to exceed expectations. The goal is to continue inspiring customers and working on the creation of new ways to enjoy fragrances!

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Eurofragance Awarded EcoVadis Silver Recognition in 2019

Eurofragance Awarded EcoVadis Silver Recognition in 2019

EcoVadis is an international CSR and sustainability ranking operating across 155 countries. It is a globally recognized solution for monitoring sustainability in global supply chains.

Eurofragance has ranked among the top 22% of companies participating in the EcoVadis assessment in our sector. This was our first time being part of the evaluation and we are pleased to announce that we earned a prestigious silver rating.  

Laurent Mercier, CEO of Eurofragance, said: “This is a real milestone for Eurofragance. Participating in the EcoVadis assessment for the first time was an eye-opening experience for many of our people. Not only was our performance ranked high against other companies in the sector but we were also provided with feedback on how to improve each of our practices. We’re proud to share this silver rating with our team, partners, and community because it highlights our commitment to sustainability now and in the future.”

Our performance was evaluated against 21 criteria across four categories – ethics, sustainable procurement practices, environment, and labor & human rights. Here are some of our highlights: 

  • We have extremely strong and thorough ethical policies that are inclusive and responsive to our employees’ needs, including detailed procedures on how to swiftly handle complaints. In this category, we ranked among the top 18% of companies in our sector.
  • Our investment in green energy and company-wide recycling programs has strengthened our environmental sustainability score, averaging a score of 60 points out of 100.
  • Employees at Eurofragance enjoy many benefits and protections that encourage a work-life balance, such as high standards of health and safety, private health insurance, and kindergarten services for young children.

These are just some of our strengths that were highlighted in the EcoVadis 2019 assessment. We are thrilled with our silver rating and are more motivated than ever to continue improving our practices across the board and work towards a higher rating in 2020 (and beyond!)

The trends in perfumery for 2020.

The trends in perfumery for 2020.

We are in the final stretch of 2019, so it is time that we share with you the trends in the world of perfumery for 2020: which ingredients will predominate, the perfume styles and must-known facts about sustainability.

So where are we now, as we look forward to 2020?

In the last year, there has been a rise of individualism, meaning that no one wants to smell like someone else. It is very common among the cosmetics industry to offer personalized products, but, nowadays, we can see more and more perfume brands that are starting to sell customized fragrances.

On the other hand, there has been a complete blurring of boundaries when it comes to gender. Today’s “unisex” is about arbitrary nature of gender divisions in fragrance. Notes should not be gendered in the first place, neither as masculine nor feminine. For instance, when looking at the last decade’s perfumes, it is possible to find many male fragrances which include rose or other floral notes. Also, the warm and eccentric sandalwood, which was historically associated with male fragrances, now impacts the feminine perfumery.

This leads us to the key ingredients for 2020…

The world perfumery trends for the year 2020 show a connection with nature, the search for authenticity and the exploration of sensory pleasures.

Regarding the scents for next year, the trend will be woody scents, the Fougére family will return with some touches of modernity proposed by the dry amber from the fern. However, the protagonist will be the white flower– very feminine, sensual, powerful and captivating.

While fragrances themselves are becoming more globalized, it is more and more common to find oriental notes in occidental perfumery. For example, oud, an ingredient almost unknown in the west a few years ago, now marks the lasts fashion trends in perfumery.

And what about sustainability?

The trend that combines the natural, as well as sustainable in cosmetics and perfumery is consolidated. Ecological, chemical-free ingredients and sustainable formulations are the basis on which cosmetic innovation is currently based. In fact, fragrance houses are developing very strong global programs in sustainability.

This approach is not only a way to include natural ingredients among their perfumes, it also reduces other factors that can harm the environment – packaging- and health – anti-allergens synthetics ingredients.

This are only some predictions that will hold for next year, however, as the year progresses, we will see these trends more developed and some others that will appear. For now, in Eurofragance we want to send our greetings for this holiday season and for the new year 2020.