We distributed more than 10 tons of food around the world thanks to our ‘Community Week’

We distributed more than 10 tons of food around the world thanks to our ‘Community Week’

This year’s celebration of ‘Community Day’ at Eurofragance has been extended to become a ‘Community Week’. In 2020, we carried out a food collection in our offices and the company promised to double the number of kilos collected. The result? We managed to distribute 10 tons of food!

During this initiative, and under the slogan #TogetherAgainstHunger, the teams at Eurofragance have collaborated with local organizations and food banks to make an impact on local communities.  Donation events have taken place in Barcelona, Singapore, Dubai, Mexico City, Istanbul and Mumbai.

This year is proving to be a difficult one. According to the United Nations Development Programme, a quarter of a billion people are going to bed hungry as a result of this unprecedented global economic crisis. For that reason, at Eurofragance, we wanted to contribute with an initiative with an impact that would reach thousands of people.

“Generosity and solidarity are part of Eurofragrance’s DNA.  This year is very unusual but we were not going to allow our spirit of solidarity to be lost in any way”, explains Laurent Mercier, CEO of the company.


Donations with a real impact 

Teams from our headquarters and factory in Barcelona have donated food to Caritas, ASAV Rubí (Neighbourhood Assistance Charity Association) – meaning that we are having an impact on those living in the neighborhoods around our factory in Rubí – and the Food Bank in Barcelona.

Our team in Singapore made its donation to the Asian city-state food bank, which has 250 beneficiary organizations.

Donations from our team in Dubai have gone to the Smartlife Foundation, a non-profit organization that works with workers in forced labor camps.

The team in our offices in Mexico City have played their part by supporting the Hogar Dulce Hogar Foundation, donating essential items that will be distributed to children.

Our team in Istanbul have collaborated with the Tider-Basic Needs Association food bank and the NGO Lösev, a foundation that supports children with leukemia and their families, to which it has donated eleven boxes full of food, cleaning and hygiene products, and toys.   In addition, our Turkish team has doubled the total number of kilos collected.

The Eurofragancers in Bombay have collaborated with Educo, whose help has gone to 155 children from different centers across India.


The strength of the collective, key in difficult times

‘Community Week’ is part of ‘Community Day’, an initiative in its second edition. Every year, hundreds of Eurofragance employees from around the world participate in community service projects.  Despite this year’s complicated situation, marked by the pandemic, we are proud that we have been able to contribute with food donations on a global scale.

Without the fantastic teams that make up Eurofragance, it would have been impossible to carry out this initiative. It is a real pleasure to help our community this year. Thanks to all the Eurofragancers and all those who have collaborated in our initiative!  ‘Community Week’ has been a collective success.

Eurofragance consolidates its branch in India with Mayur Kapse as General Manager

Eurofragance consolidates its branch in India with Mayur Kapse as General Manager

As part of our ambitious expansion plan, focusing on growth and profitability, we opened a new branch in Asia – in India, specifically – at present with Mayur Kapse at the helm as the General Manager of Eurofragance India.

One of the company’s pillars is international growth, with India being one of the priority countries in which we hope to expand our activity.

Here at Eurofragance, we have been supplying the Indian market for years via our branch in Dubai, where we have been designing fragrances adapted to the needs and preferences of consumers in the countries of the Persian Gulf and India. Now, our offices in Mumbai focus on Indian consumers’ needs. 

We recently interviewed Mayur Kapse and Antoine de Riedmatten – Global Sales Director and General Manager for Eurofragance in the IMEA region – and they both emphasized that a local presence was needed to be competitive and offer Indian clients the best quality and services.

Mayur Kapse told us he holds a Master’s degree in Analytical Chemistry and has worked in both technical and commercial contexts, which has helped him to understand all the various complexities and applications of fragrances.  For Mayur, it is extremely important to know how to smell and capture fragrances and to be able to love what you do.

Of course, India is traditionally known as a land of fragrances; incense and essences have been around for years there, and perfumes have always played a part in its royalty’s history.

However, as the Indian market has evolved, so have consumers’ preferences, which differ according to geographical area. The South is more traditional in its tastes, while those in the North prefer more modern, western notes. “It is crucial that we understand how culture plays a key role”, Mayur pointed out.

Likewise, he underlined the need to offer clients the best quality fragrances in the fastest possible delivery time. His vision for Eurofragance India involves building a complete creative team to provide clients with comprehensive support in the product development process. Furthermore, with the help of Eurofragance’s global strategy team and Antoine de Riedmatten’s industry experience, he thinks they will achieve this in just a few years.

Celebrating 30 Years of Eurofragance

Celebrating 30 Years of Eurofragance

Happy International Entrepreneurs’ Day! Every year on August 21st, the world takes a day to celebrate the innovation, creativity, and courage of intrepid businesspeople. The purpose of this day is to create awareness for entrepreneurship, innovation, and leadership throughout the world. Entrepreneurship is a mindset that is central to our values at Eurofragance; entrepreneurship was an integral part of our story. And this year is particularly special for us because June marked our company’s 30th anniversary.

To commemorate this milestone and this important day, we sat down with two very important people to discuss Eurofragance’s achievements. Santiago Sabates is our company’s founder, whose entrepreneurial spirit led to the creation of the company 30 years ago this June. He was our CEO for many years and is now the chairman of our board of directors. Laurent Mercier is our CEO and has occupied that position for three years, before which he was the company’s global business director.

Keep reading for the first part of the interview, and follow us on social media to make sure you catch parts 2 and 3 coming soon!

Eurofragance: This year, we celebrate Eurofragance’s 30 years. What does this milestone mean to you?

Santiago Sabates: This anniversary is very meaningful for me as the chairman of the company but also as the founder. 30 years is a lot of time, but our competitors are hundreds of years old! We are a young company and we are lucky because this is really just the beginning for us.

Laurent Mercier: It marks a significant chapter for this young company. For me, I have spent almost 7 years here in Barcelona, which means I have been with Eurofragance for about 25% of its life! It’s an achievement and an important moment to recognize.

I was thinking about what it means to be 30 years old. If I look back at myself when I was 30, I had been married for two years, I had changed jobs once and moved countries twice, and I was planning for a family that started with our first son 2 years down the road. It was a significant time in my life, and as a company, we are moving into a new phase of our collective lives.

The current situation doesn’t allow us to really plan any sort of get-together, but I have great memories of our 25th anniversary, which we celebrated simultaneously in both Dubai and in Barcelona in 2015. At the time, it was a great celebration with customers, partners, and friends. But this year, given the circumstances, the Sabates family and I opted for a private celebration inside the company.

Eurofragance: Where do you expect Eurofragance to go in the next 30 years?

SS: I would like to see Eurofragance become a top 5 player in the fragrance industry. The company has a lot of room for improvement and development, and I truly believe that it will grow and more than double in the next 30 years.

LM: As they say, the sky’s the limit! I would like to see the company’s revenue reach €500m by 2050 and for our people to keep working with the same drive that got us to where we are today. Our development has been fueled by our culture of humility and passion for both our product and desire to exceed our customers’ expectations. In the next 30 years, I would like to see that legacy continue to be built.

Eurofragance: What are the biggest challenges that you foresee in the coming years?

SS: When you reach a senior enough position in the company, you learn to focus your attention on the next two years. Right now, our challenge for the next 12 months will be dealing with COVID-19, as many other companies are doing. I’m very proud of how our company and individual teams have demonstrated adaptability and flexibility during such disruptive times. In the future, maintaining these adaptable and flexible skills will be our main challenge.

LM: For now, yes, COVID-19 is our biggest challenge. As a company, we need to think short-term, adapt, resist, and recover. We have already learned that patience and resilience are necessary for survival, but now we have to learn how to thrive and achieve our revised goals during the “new normal”.

I’ve been the CEO of Eurofragance for three dramatic years – dramatic because it has covered a raw materials shortage in 2018 and now the COVID-19 pandemic. But, as they say, what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger! And I have seen this to be true for our company and our leadership team.

Our next challenge will be to re-define our 3-year plan to take into account all the uncertainty of the world today. The new plan to take the company to the next level will involve two transformational aspects: accelerated category diversification, and leveraging both organic and inorganic growth. To remain independent in this world of consolidation, we need to raise the bar at Eurofragance, especially in terms of marketing and communication.

Watch a short video animation to celebrate 30 years of Eurofragance:

Eurofragance joins the IFRA-IOFI Charter for a more sustainable future

Eurofragance joins the IFRA-IOFI Charter for a more sustainable future

In another demonstration of our commitment to sustainability and the environment, Eurofragance has joined the Sustainability Charter put together by the IFRA (International Fragrance Association) and the IOFI (International Organization of the Flavor Industry): an initiative to promote sustainable development in the fragrance and flavor industry.

With more than 100 companies involved, this collective commitment aims to make a difference, not just for the future of the planet, but also for people and the industry. The initiative, which was launched in early July, deals with sustainability in all its facets, with 17 commitments in 5 main focus areas: responsible sourcing, reducing environmental footprint, employees’ well-being, product safety, and transparency and partnerships.

The IFRA-IOFI Sustainability Charter is a step forward in Eurofragance’s Green Project: our 3-year plan to be more sustainable by reviewing and analysing every detail of every process within the company. ‘It’s very important for us to be part of this commitment. We are well aware that we only have one planet and its future depends on all of us and our actions. That is why, beyond revisiting our processes, it is essential that we strive for innovation, seek new ways of working, limit our use of natural resources and squeeze as much as we can out of our creativity’, explains Laurent Mercier, CEO of Eurofragance.

The Charter, promoted by the IFRA and the IOFI, has been in development since 2016 and follows the sustainable development goals proposed by the United Nations. Its aim is to help the industries continue to advance on the path to sustainability through the exchange of best practices, tools and progress evaluation. It is designed to be inclusive and aspirational, with clear, achievable goals that enable companies to improve the industry’s sustainability, regardless of their size.

An overall industry progress report will be published in early 2021, with contribution from Eurofragance on its progress in each of the 17 commitments in the 5 focus areas.

Barcelona Olfaction Week 2020 is over!

Barcelona Olfaction Week 2020 is over!

Can you believe that Barcelona Olfaction Week 2020 is already over? We hope you were able to join us for some of the many exciting online events!

We attended some perfumery webinars, the second edition of the Barcelona Olfaction Congress; we also shared our expertise in the Round table and participated in the III International Perfumery Contest (Mouillette d’Argent). 

Wow… it has been a busy week! 

In case you couldn’t join us for all the events, we have prepared a summary of everything you may have missed from our team during BOW. Continue reading to find out more!

On Tuesday 30 July, we held an online perfumery webinar called “Spice Up Your Fragrance” hosted by Eurofragance senior perfumer Lucas Sieuzac. 

  • Lucas explored the role of spices in perfumery through the years and how they influence the palette of perfumers.
  • When asked about how he felt about his participation, he said, “I have really enjoyed being a part of the BOW. I was proud to represent Eurofragance and above all to meet passionate people.”
  • “Spices are amazing products that give opportunities to perfumers to create amazing fragrances.”
  • Lucas designed four new creations especially for this webinar: Tuberuma Tuberose and Turmeric, Sandalwood Pepper, Takashima forest, and Lumière de Cuir!
  • They were displayed in some shops around Barcelona, so people could smell them before the event! Also, the first 25 people to register for the event received these creations at home to keep as a souvenir.
  • Tuberuma tuberose and turmeric: “I chose tuberose for its heady, fresh side and aromatic spice, which echoes turmeric. Turmeric, in turn, has tuberose floral fresh notes. Then, I gave more texture to the accord, so I added spicy notes like nutmeg. Finally, Sandalwood is used as a binder to link the different elements”. 
  • Takashima forest: It is the vision of a small village and a Shintoism temple located in the middle of rice fields. Sichuan pepper, combined with cypress and bergamot, represent the fresh, resinous notes of the branches of the trees; watery synthetic notes like florol and florhydral, which reflect the humidity of August. Finally,  mineral notes that smell of stone like ambrinol, associated with smoky notes like cade, along with mate for its dry herb note symbolizes the image of this village.
  • Sandalwood pepper: It has a base of sandalwood and musk topped with pepper, infused saffron reinforced by a myrrh complex, and resinoid incense.
  • Lumière de cuir: “The main idea with this creation was to recreate leather illuminated by the fresh, zesty, and vibrant note of ginger”. It has a smoky, woody spice dimension, which is contributed by the olibanum and the Chinese cedar. Ginger’s rose note is heightened by a rose floral heart (citronellol laevo) in order to prolong the fresh note throughout the fragrance. The most interesting part of this creation resides in the duality of the spice and leather blocks.
  • Missed the webinar? Watch the full recording here:



On Thursday 2 July, we participated in the Barcelona Olfaction Congress, which was a day filled with fascinating and thought-provoking content from experts across the industry. Our expert, R&D scientist Dr. Felipe San Juan, gave a presentation on Eurofragance’s fragrance technology and body odor management.

  • Felipe presented our fragrance technology and body odor management solutions and expertise that can be used to solve sweat issues. 
  • When asked about his experience at Barcelona Olfaction Congress 2020, he said, “I was very pleased and delighted to have contributed to raising the profile of the technological and innovative capacity we have at Eurofragance. I believe this can contribute to the image of the company and help it grow.”
  • Fragrances have helped people to fight against malodors for centuries.
  • Body malodors have a complex origin and nature: Bacteria producing powerful odorant molecules by transforming, mainly sweat, a necessary physiological element. This makes it difficult to combat.
  • Many solutions for malodor removal are offered in the market. Some of them like antiperspirants or bactericides can have a negative effect on our health.
  • Fragrances are an effective agent to fight against sweat malodor.
  • Perceptual coverage, chemical elimination, and microbiological prevention are the three mechanisms by means of which fragrances can be active against negative odors.
  • Breakable fragrance microcapsules are a key solution to make fragrances really effective when malodor problems are noticeable during the day. 
  • Fragrances are an integral solution against body malodors: awful odors are removed, pleasant sensations are delivered, and without any negative effect on our health.

On Friday 3 July, Eurofragance’s KAM and perfumer Bettina Perisson participated in a round table discussion on “The Universe of Perfume: History and Sensory Synaesthesia”.

  • When asked about her involvement in the online round table event, Bettina said, “BOW this year, for me, has been a clear proof that everything can be done with enthusiasm, imagination, and passion. It seemed impossible that something could have been done in such difficult circumstances but everyone who participated, I think, felt we had to work together to take this challenge forward!”
  • Bettina continued to say, “It was very good to be able to listen to people from other arts explaining how their disciplines are and to see how their ultimate aim is also to touch the emotions, to make us live special moments through the senses and to heal the soul.”
  • Bettina explains that, as a summary of what she discussed, everything is valid in the language of perfumery, even borrowing attributes from other senses, such as touch or taste (rough, smooth, bitter..)
  • The perfumer ends up building a personalized dictionary that translates the perceptions, attributes, and emotions of the consumer into olfactory notes. 
  • Everyone in Bettina’s roundtable discussion agreed that perfumery is an art, that it is linked in a sensory way to all other arts and that it makes us live and feel unique moments. 

BONUS event: III International Perfumery Contest (Mouillette d’Argent)

  • On Saturday, to finish off the week of events, we attended the III International Perfumery Competition award ceremony at Ca l’Antigua Art Space in Teià.
  • 12 perfumes were competing to win the “Mouillette d’Argent”. 
  • Each year, the creations must be made around a specific note, and the choice for this edition was pepper. 
  • Four of the 12 finalist perfumes were created by our perfumers Belén Garcia, Soizic Beaucourt, and Julia Pastor. 
  • The independent jury, chaired by the master perfumer D. Rosendo Mateu, selected “Pepper & Pear” by Julia Pastor as the winner. Congratulations, Julia!!

As gold sponsors of Barcelona Olfaction Week 2020, we were thrilled to have been part of such a great week of events that ended on such a high note!

Thank you for joining us online! We look forward to seeing you in the future.

If you enjoy what we’re doing, please connect with us on our social media platforms. If you have any photos from the event, we’d love to see them. Tag your posts #Eurofragance and mention us @eurofragance. 

Spicing Things Up Creations Lucas

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Spice Up Your Fragrance Perfumes

Julia Pastor receiving the Mouillette d’Argent.

Eurofragance attends the III International Perfumery Contest (Mouillette d’Argent).

Spice Up Your Fragrance