Waste management at Eurofragance

Waste management at Eurofragance

During this month of April, Earth Month, we have compiled all the actions we take at our Rubí factory, in Spain, for the sustainable management of resources and waste.

In order to be more sustainable and implement eco-efficiency in the company, we use certified 100% recycled steel metal drums. As for waste, all our containers – metal drums, plastic bottles and IBCs – are recovered by an authorised and certified waste manager.

In the event that one of the different types of containers cannot be recovered, they are compressed. They are then shredded and treated by authorised waste management companies.

What our waste manager does

Our waste manager is a key part of our company’s general environmental management system.

It is responsible for washing, rinsing and drying the insides of containers. It is also responsible for inspecting the state of interior cleanliness and the condition, testing air tightness – pressurised air – and replacing parts if necessary (seal, plastic body, lids, clamp top), exterior cleaning, manual painting, oven drying and marking.

Types of materials we use  

  • All our internal pallets are made from recycled plastic. Wooden pallets from suppliers are reused.
  • We have significantly reduced the use of absorbent paper in the production plant with the implementation of washable cloth through an ISO 14001 compliant manager.
  • The cardboard and plastics we generate are recovered by an authorised manager to give them a second life.
  • Confidential paper is shredded by a waste manager for reuse as second quality paper.

We have a new project underway which involves the recovery of plastic bevels from adhesive labels.

Towards eco-efficiency

At Eurofragance, we aim to follow the Sustainable Development Goals and targets set by the United Nations with every action we carry out. In this case, we’re talking about Goal 12, “Responsible consumption and production”, Goal 13, “Climate action” and Goal 15, “Life on land”.

In line with Goal 12, we want to do more (and better) with less, reduce waste generation through prevention, reduction, recycling paper, cardboard, plastic, aluminium, etc., and reuse. What’s more, our actions in terms of waste are also linked to Goal 13, which is centred around adopting measures to combat climate change and its effects. We can also highlight the relationship with Goal 15, as we’re working to prevent the degradation of ecosystems and soil contamination.

Our intention is to reduce waste as much as possible at all our sites in the coming three years. We are trying to implement a transition to a circular economy that allows us to “close the life cycle” of waste, as well as that of products, energy and more. We’re aiming to ensure that materials and waste can be reused, reprocessed and reintroduced into the production cycle.

Our goal at Eurofragance is clear: to achieve eco-efficiency. In other words, to produce more with less, to reduce the amount of resources required and, above all, to minimise the generation of waste.

We’ve created a fragrance for the city of Rubí

We’ve created a fragrance for the city of Rubí

There’s nothing more evocative than the smells you associate with a place. Our visual memory records iconic buildings we see, but smells are what really stimulates the mind. Scents express an identity, a presence.

That’s why Eurofragance and the city of Rubí have joined forces to create a fragrance that evokes the essence of the place, with which we have a close relationship. The link between us goes back 26 years to 1995, when our first, and main, manufacturing plant was opened in the city.

Isabel Gil, Senior Perfumer at Eurofragance, is the creator of this perfume. As she was born in Rubí—though she’s currently working at our Singapore branch—she didn’t hesitate to take part in this initiative, which has transported her back to her childhood. “We wanted the fragrance to evoke the color red, which really reminds me of my city. Then, we added spices to express that it is a meeting point for people from all over, from America to Asia,” our perfumer explained.

The perfume

The fragrance is composed of a blend of fruity, woody and spiced notes. The stars of the show are the red berry top notes: an obligatory nod to the city of Rubí’s characteristic color. These berries boost and complement the other opening notes of orange and plum, while contrasting with and adding depth to the ambergris and woody base. Finally, its heart—a blend of cinnamon, nutmeg and cardamom—gives body to this expressive, special perfume.

Presentation with the mayor of Rubí

The fragrance was presented during a press conference with the local media in Masia de Can Serra’s Sala Fòrum involving Joan Pere Jiménez, our Chief Operations Officer and General Manager for Europe and the Maghreb, who was invited by Ana María Martínez, the mayor of Rubí. Isabel Gil, meanwhile, followed the event from Singapore via video call.

Martínez deemed Eurofragance “the perfect example of the nature of our business sector.” She highlighted “Eurofragance’s constant desire to work for the city.”

As the company’s representative, Joan Pere Jiménez declared that, from the very beginning, he saw this idea as “an opportunity to combine color and fragrance,” emphasising that “projects like this one give us the strength to keep working joyfully and with the city of Rubí, which is very close to our hearts.”

Rubí COLOR Week

This initiative is part of Rubí COLOR Week: a special event for the city to celebrate its identity through colors, combined with its public spaces, creativity, culture, plurality and diversity.

The fragrance will be an institutional gift from the council for new shops, so that the city’s businesses can be associated with this characteristic scent.

Vetiver roots: discover the power of this raw material

Vetiver roots: discover the power of this raw material

Deep, thick and long, Vetiver roots are the second raw material in our Nomad Box, a precious box that holds the jewels of perfumery and reveals the most fascinating ingredients in our perfumers’ palette.

The first jewel that we discovered was Shamama, a very special and mysterious Indian elixir. Now it is Vetiver, and more specifically, its roots, that we’ll be using in perfumery.

Did you know…? Vetiver is a noble material that originates from India, although it is also cultivated in Haiti and Java. According to our Senior Perfumer Belén García, creator of the vibrant ‘Vetiver Roots’ accord:  “It is one of the most beautiful and traditional woody notes in a perfumer’s palette”.

Why is Vetiver special?

“The beauty of this raw material lies in the fact that it is a green plant with aerial stems, but the most mysterious thing is that its olfactory richness is hidden,” explains Belén. “It takes a great deal of effort to obtain this treasure, you have to dig three to four meters to get to it”.

The nomadic journey to Vetiver roots

To find Javanese Vetiver, which is the smokier variety, we traveled to the heart of Java, in the Garut area, land of volcanoes, in Indonesia. In fact, this timeless ingredient has a smoky facet precisely because it grows in volcanic soil.

Our perfumer promises that Vetiver is very versatile and full of contradictions. “Vetiver is fresh and dark, hot and cold, wet and dry, noble and raw, with true sensuality and a particular vibration,” assures Belén.

“The roots are cut and then washed and dried in the sun. Finally, they are distilled with steam to obtain Vetiver essence. What’s more, nothing is wasted in this process, as the aerial steams are used to build roofs in the villages,” explains our perfumer.

The roots contain a resin that is processed to obtain Vetiver essential oil. The manual work involved in the process is fascinating. That’s why Vetiver is part of our Nomad Box.

Nomad Saga, Eurofragrance’s nomadic spirit

At Eurofragance, we travel the world in search of the highest quality ingredients and the most extraordinary raw materials. That’s how Nomad Saga was born, a project that reflects our nomadic spirit and our adventures in this unique search.

Discover more about the world surrounding Vetiver roots on our Nomad Saga website. Follow our nomad’s adventures on our social media. Every quarter we will reveal a new raw material, and delve into its history and tradition. Don’t miss out!

We distributed more than 10 tons of food around the world thanks to our ‘Community Week’

We distributed more than 10 tons of food around the world thanks to our ‘Community Week’

This year’s celebration of ‘Community Day’ at Eurofragance has been extended to become a ‘Community Week’. In 2020, we carried out a food collection in our offices and the company promised to double the number of kilos collected. The result? We managed to distribute 10 tons of food!

During this initiative, and under the slogan #TogetherAgainstHunger, the teams at Eurofragance have collaborated with local organizations and food banks to make an impact on local communities.  Donation events have taken place in Barcelona, Singapore, Dubai, Mexico City, Istanbul and Mumbai.

This year is proving to be a difficult one. According to the United Nations Development Programme, a quarter of a billion people are going to bed hungry as a result of this unprecedented global economic crisis. For that reason, at Eurofragance, we wanted to contribute with an initiative with an impact that would reach thousands of people.

“Generosity and solidarity are part of Eurofragrance’s DNA.  This year is very unusual but we were not going to allow our spirit of solidarity to be lost in any way”, explains Laurent Mercier, CEO of the company.


Donations with a real impact 

Teams from our headquarters and factory in Barcelona have donated food to Caritas, ASAV Rubí (Neighbourhood Assistance Charity Association) – meaning that we are having an impact on those living in the neighborhoods around our factory in Rubí – and the Food Bank in Barcelona.

Our team in Singapore made its donation to the Asian city-state food bank, which has 250 beneficiary organizations.

Donations from our team in Dubai have gone to the Smartlife Foundation, a non-profit organization that works with workers in forced labor camps.

The team in our offices in Mexico City have played their part by supporting the Hogar Dulce Hogar Foundation, donating essential items that will be distributed to children.

Our team in Istanbul have collaborated with the Tider-Basic Needs Association food bank and the NGO Lösev, a foundation that supports children with leukemia and their families, to which it has donated eleven boxes full of food, cleaning and hygiene products, and toys.   In addition, our Turkish team has doubled the total number of kilos collected.

The Eurofragancers in Bombay have collaborated with Educo, whose help has gone to 155 children from different centers across India.


The strength of the collective, key in difficult times

‘Community Week’ is part of ‘Community Day’, an initiative in its second edition. Every year, hundreds of Eurofragance employees from around the world participate in community service projects.  Despite this year’s complicated situation, marked by the pandemic, we are proud that we have been able to contribute with food donations on a global scale.

Without the fantastic teams that make up Eurofragance, it would have been impossible to carry out this initiative. It is a real pleasure to help our community this year. Thanks to all the Eurofragancers and all those who have collaborated in our initiative!  ‘Community Week’ has been a collective success.

Eurofragance consolidates its branch in India with Mayur Kapse as General Manager

Eurofragance consolidates its branch in India with Mayur Kapse as General Manager

As part of our ambitious expansion plan, focusing on growth and profitability, we opened a new branch in Asia – in India, specifically – at present with Mayur Kapse at the helm as the General Manager of Eurofragance India.

One of the company’s pillars is international growth, with India being one of the priority countries in which we hope to expand our activity.

Here at Eurofragance, we have been supplying the Indian market for years via our branch in Dubai, where we have been designing fragrances adapted to the needs and preferences of consumers in the countries of the Persian Gulf and India. Now, our offices in Mumbai focus on Indian consumers’ needs. 

We recently interviewed Mayur Kapse and Antoine de Riedmatten – Global Sales Director and General Manager for Eurofragance in the IMEA region – and they both emphasized that a local presence was needed to be competitive and offer Indian clients the best quality and services.

Mayur Kapse told us he holds a Master’s degree in Analytical Chemistry and has worked in both technical and commercial contexts, which has helped him to understand all the various complexities and applications of fragrances.  For Mayur, it is extremely important to know how to smell and capture fragrances and to be able to love what you do.

Of course, India is traditionally known as a land of fragrances; incense and essences have been around for years there, and perfumes have always played a part in its royalty’s history.

However, as the Indian market has evolved, so have consumers’ preferences, which differ according to geographical area. The South is more traditional in its tastes, while those in the North prefer more modern, western notes. “It is crucial that we understand how culture plays a key role”, Mayur pointed out.

Likewise, he underlined the need to offer clients the best quality fragrances in the fastest possible delivery time. His vision for Eurofragance India involves building a complete creative team to provide clients with comprehensive support in the product development process. Furthermore, with the help of Eurofragance’s global strategy team and Antoine de Riedmatten’s industry experience, he thinks they will achieve this in just a few years.