Personal Care

A Successful Personal Care Product Cannot Happen Without a Successful Fragrance

Fragranced Personal Care Products Are as Old as Civilization

Humans have made products that cleanse, wash and care for the body for millennia.  While we have come a long way, especially with regards to product development and manufacturing, your consumers’ expectations for high quality fragrances in personal care products has multiplied exponentially.

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Hair Care

You Won’t Get Gray Hairs Working With the Eurofragance Teams
Straight, curly, black, blond, fine or voluminous, we love all types of hair and creating fragrances for products that wash, treat, condition, style and color your consumers’ coiffures.  We’ve been doing so for clients for over three decades, relying on deep expertise from our local in-market teams.

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Shampoos and Conditioners

Creating Perfumes for Products That Help Define Your Consumers
In developing the perfume portfolio for your shampoo brand, ask yourself if you want the same fragrance in all variants, or just in some, or a different scent for each variant.  We are ready to discuss such questions and are impatient to create wonderful shampoo, conditioner and mask perfumes for you. 

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We’re color inclusive; we love to fragrance products for all hair types

Styling and Coloration

Look, Texture, Color, Feel and, of Course, Fragrance
We evaluate and develop fragrances; we don’t judge hairstyles.  Not only do we respect all your consumers’ preferred hair styles, but we are also happy to propose the most appropriate fragrance for your styling gels, sprays, creams, aerosols…

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Body Care

So Many Body Care Products, so Many Fragrances, so Little Time (Unfortunately)
We’re well aware that this category of products is huge—so many segments, competitors, variants, SKUs… Fortunately, we have valuable perfume creation experience to share with you in this exciting universe of cosmetics, lotions, creams, antiperspirants and more.

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Skin Care

It’s Not Just About Looking Good, It’s Also About Smelling Great
This segment, which promises eternal beauty and everlasting youth, is rich with daily habits and rituals.  It’s called “skin care,” but it is also about nourishing, protecting and loving our skin.  Products that fulfill such important functions are entitled to carefully crafted and delicately dosed perfumes. 

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More than ever, consumers count on familiar scents for reassurance and to relive blissful moments of their life

Antiperspirant / Deodorant

An Introduction to Fragrance for Many of Your Consumers
We, like AP/Deo products aren’t big fans of unpleasant odors.  At Eurofragance we design scents for products that control sweat and products that offer your consumers refreshing fragrance benefits.  With our help, they will feel confident and attractive in all situations.

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Body Wash

Our Skin, Deserves the Best Products, Preferably With the Best Perfumes
The history of surfactants goes back almost five thousand years, but the basic chemical formula of soap remains pretty much unchanged.  What has changed for this miracle product are the production methods, formats, associated benefits and breadth of fragrance possibilities.  

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Soap Bar

In Praise of the Lonely Soap Bar
The history of hygiene owes a lot to the city of Aleppo and its eponymous soap.  Early Levantine craftsmen set in motion a concept—washing and cleaning—that would spread across the world.  Presently, Eurofragance works with manufacturers large and small to fragrance this indispensable household staple. 

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Recently, we’ve noted that solid soap formats are gaining market share among premium and mass-market brands.

Fanny Meunier

Global Category Manager Personal Care and Fine Fragrance

Shower Gel

The Product Segment Where Great Fragrances Rule the Show
If the soap bar goes back over one thousand years, the inventions of the shower gel, body wash and liquid soap are much more recent.  It doesn’t matter how you label your non-solid soap, in all case, we will assign creative and talented fragrance designers to your project. 

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