Middle Eastern Fragrances

Recognized by Our Peers and Clients as Experts in Middle Eastern Perfumery

Fragrances of the Middle East, Our First True Love

Middle Eastern perfumes hold a special place in our hearts.   When Santiago Sabatés set off on his entrepreneurial adventure three decades ago to create a fragrance house, he established an early foothold in the Middle East.   Eurofragance has kept this leadership position in Middle Eastern fragrances ever since thanks to our recognized expertise and unparalleled service.

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years in Middle East
Arabic and French Middle Eastern Scents

Arabic and French Middle Eastern Scents

When It Comes to Creating Middle Eastern Fragrances for Your Consumers, We Cover All the Bases
The universe of Middle Eastern fragrances is captivating and mysterious.   At Eurofragance, however, we are perfectly equipped to fully answer your briefs and satisfy your consumers’ desires to develop perfumes, in any form, for the region.   We design mukhallats, fragrances for attars, eaux de toilette or bakhoor, and increasingly for many household and personal care segments as well.

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Bedazzle Your Consumers With Our “Mixtures”
The subtlety of its scents is described in some of the world’s oldest written texts, traditional Middle Eastern accords, known as mukhallats are integral to the regional culture.   They can be categorized olfactively, or by their format, or use.   At Eurofragance, we master mukhallats in bakhoor, attars, alcohol-free and traditional eau de toilette formats.  

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For pretty much all our customers, in countries ranging from Morocco to Indonesia, we are their number one supplier of bakhoor.

Skander Moussa

Senior Regional Sales Manager

Modern Arabic Middle Eastern Perfumes

We’ve Changed the Rules of the Game
While mukhallats are traditional Middle Eastern accords constructed on powerful oud notes, the latest generation of perfumes in this part of the world is often lighter on the woody notes and introduce new, evocative ingredients.   It is fair to say, that Eurofragance Perfumers, were at the inception of a new olfactive trend: modernized Middle Eastern fragrances.  

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Our palette of over 1200 raw materials is both broad and highly qualitative

Modern French Middle Eastern Perfumes

When the West Wakes up to Fragrances of the Mideast
Classical French perfumery has also brought us several sumptuous fine fragrances, described olfactively in Western perfumery as “Middle Eastern.” More recently, however, the trend has been to twist this olfactive family with new and surprising raw materials.   Here again, Eurofragance led the breakthrough into new perfumistic territories that include: cacao, vanilla, red fruits, leather, fresh spices and so many more.

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