Home Care

Home Is Where the Heart Is.  It is also Where Your Products and Our Fragrances Live

Household Chores Are More Pleasant When Using a Perfectly Fragranced Product
We fully appreciate that for you, being a player in the home care category, be it in any segment, is tough business.  We are here to help.  Eurofragance has been creating fragrances for all in-home products where perfume plays a role. 

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XHard Surface Care
XFabric Care

Hard Surface Care

From Expansive Floors to Delicate Dishes
Fragrances in surface care products impact consumer perception of your brand’s efficacy.  Imagine freshly cleaned floors, but no perfume wafting through the house, or washing the dishes with an odorless product.  Investing in a good perfume actually makes good business sense. 

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All Purpose Cleaners

Perfumes in Products to Dilute or Not

All Purpose Cleaners bring cleanliness and hygiene to your consumers’ homes.  The right fragrance will reinforce the perception of these functional benefits and, at the same time, deliver important emotional benefits.  

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Out With Germs in With Fragrance and… Satisfied Customers

While cleanliness is actually the absence of any odor, the smell of bleach is almost universally associated with disinfection and hygiene.  These days, however, some of your customers wish to temper the typically chlorinated odor of bleach with a touch of perfume. 

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Dish Washing Liquid

Perfume Is Key, but Not Once the Dishes Are Done

Dish washing liquid products have come a long way from all smelling like a zesty lemon.  Your consumers now fully accept that a dish washing liquid can smell like aromatic herbs, juicy fruits, caring flowers or a combination of the above. 

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Fabric Care

Quite Possibly the Most Diverse and Exciting Category of Products to Fragrance

For you, this category of products is probably the biggest in terms of volume of fragrance purchased.  For your consumers, it must be absolute love for the perfume in their products.  For us, it is an exciting challenge to attain fragrance perfection. 

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There are a dozen ‘fragrance moments of truth’ that matter to detergent users


Clean and Fresh Smelling Fabrics, an Affordable Indulgence
Every morning, when your homemaker’s family members leave home, their clothes carry with them the visible and olfactive signs of a flawless laundry job.  And every evening, when they slip into bed, the last thing they appreciate is immaculate, freshly scented bed sheets. 

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The Ultimate Fabric Care Product for Those Who Love Fragrance

A fabric softener softens, but it does a lot more than that, especially when it comes to perfume enjoyment.  For those who expect their freshly washed laundry to deliver fragrance and even more fragrance, fabric softeners are the perfect format. 

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Our long-lasting fragrance technologies will create the ideal cocooning sanctuary at home

Laundry Hand Wash

When Doing the Laundry Takes on a Personal Note

For many consumers around the world, doing the laundry is a daily undertaking that literally means rolling up their sleeves and putting their elbow grease to work.  The consumers who use laundry detergent powder or bar soap to do the wash deserve rewards, including fragranced ones. 

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