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The Mystery of Creativity in Perfumery

It takes a special predisposition to become a creator of fine fragrances. Perfume developers, like artists in other fields, see—and appreciate—the world differently. They have an insatiable sense of curiosity along with an acute understanding of what your consumers will like, before even they can formulate their wishes.

Open to the World

From Inspiration to Creation

An apparent common trait amongst Perfumers is their openness to the world and what it has to offer them. They allow themselves to be surprised and inspired by just about anything. These stimuli are then filtered and only the most promising ideas are kept. Usually their intuition serves them well, but their true craftsmanship comes to life by bringing all the pieces together and translating their inspirations into a creation.

Almost everything and anything can be a source of inspiration in perfumery. It can be the discovery of a new ingredient and its smell, or it can be a childhood memory. But above all, the best reward in my métier, is being able to translate an inspiration into a new accord.
Angéline Leporini
Senior Perfumer

Life as an Inspiration

Behind a variety of life stories lie many reasons that drove Perfumers to their métier.  One trait, however, stands out—insatiable curiosity.  They are inquisitive about everything and every new experience is source of inspiration.  Their ability is to select from a patchwork of personal references and memories ideas they can refashion into a perfume.

Relying on Intuition

Perfumers possess a hyper developed sense of intuition.  Fine fragrance designers have creative antennae to accurately interpret the fashion of the times—but they don’t work alone.  They are stimulated and guided by Fragrance Development Managers (FDMs) who complement their intuition with market knowledge and a true sense of what will fit your brand.

It's not about wearing a perfume, it's about making a statement

Making Connections

The curiosity, intuition and exceptional creativity of the women and men who design fragrances are supplemented by rare ingredients, which we proudly possess.  Perfumers are also fed consumer and market data by the Sales Team and Marketing Department, but it is up to them to connect all the dots.

Absolute Creativity

Balancing Science and Art

What drives Perfumers to create fine fragrances is the challenge to masterfully balance science and art to produce absolute creativity. A fragrance that breaks through existing perfumistic codes, implies exploring new olfactive territories and daring to experiment with abandon.

Perfumers capture emotions and fantasies in glass flacons, and as true artists, feel comfortable in a world of ambiguity.  They understand that true creativity is the result of following one’s heart and intuition.  Perfumers in our Creative Centers enjoy the freedom to pursue their instincts and create enchanting, iconic scents.

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I am galvanized by constantly pushing the boundaries of perfume development, while creating within the limits you have set for us. What makes me grow is exploring and discovering new possibilities thanks to an unequaled palette of select raw materials. Striving to master these ingredients—combined or individually—so they express their full potential, is pure elation.
Lucas Sieuzac
Senior Perfumer

Crafting Desire

One Molecule at a Time

It’s exciting and beautiful to create memorable perfumes the world will love. An exquisite, customized scent can embody emotions such as sensuality, serenity or confidence, but above all, it’s about creating desire. Selecting a perfume is an emotional choice for all consumers alike; wearing it drives the statement home.

When it comes to crafting desire, our Perfumers work with the precision of a watchmaker and the discipline of a ballet dancer.  They know how ingredients will interact and the importance of dosage and balance.  It takes years of craftsmanship to turn chemical molecules into an object of desire.

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Our (Love) Story

A Dream Come True

It is no surprise that Eurofragance began by developing and producing fine fragrances. Perfume has this power of attraction on those who see the beauty in these elixirs. For their dream to come true, the young entrepreneurs understood they had to uncover the best ingredients and talent.

Santiago Sabatés, Eurofragance’s lead founder, developed a network of contacts that would prove instrumental in the budding company taking off. It is through such trusted relationships that he gained access to little known, prestigious raw materials that he generously made available to his Perfumers. Eventually, peers and competitors began to take note of the small company that was turning out luxurious fine fragrances. What started as a family enterprise was soon employing some of the world’s most celebrated fine fragrance Perfumers, capable of winning briefs for some of the most glamorous brands in perfumery.

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Scents of the Middle East

During our early years, many of our fine fragrances were destined to the Middle Eastern market, where we discovered a culture turned towards perfume.   We too soon developed an irresistible passion for Arabic scents and its wide variety of stunning ingredients.

We learned and learned, and created hundreds of spellbinding fine fragrances for the Mideast market before allowing ourselves certain creative liberties.   Eurofragance Perfumers deserve credit for reinterpreting and reinventing some of the rules of Middle Eastern perfumery.  In so doing, they contributed to opening the new modern Arabic and French Middle Eastern olfactive routes that captivate so many consumers at present well beyond the Middle East.

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A Network of Fine Perfumers

Fine fragrance creators are highly competitive, pushing themselves and one another towards creative excellence.  At Eurofragance, some competition is encouraged, but collaboration is valued.  Not only will Perfumers deliver their individual touch, but also work together within our global development network to surprise you with the most captivating fragrance for your market.