"We firmly believe in the value of our people and their ability to take decisions a the driving force behind making our company better every day" (Santiago Sabatés , President).

We are a young, multicultural team. People are the backbone of our values; developing their talent by promoting leadership and management skills are part of our objectives.
The team requires permanent commitment to development, taking on new competences and achieving its maximum potential. We aim to be a happy company with a top-performance team heading in the same direction.
  • Santiago Sabatés
    Santiago Sabatés
  • Laurent Mercier
    Laurent Mercier
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Markus Steger
    Markus Steger
    General Manager Eurofragance S.E. Asia PTE. LTD
  • Bernd Bersch
    Bernd Bersch
    Purchasing Director
  • Antoine de Riedmatten
    Antoine de Riedmatten
    Global Sales Director
  • Henry van den Heuvel
    Henry van den Heuvel
    Global Creative Director
  • Juan Ramón López Gil
    Juan Ramón López Gil
    Chief Finacial Officer
  • Marta Moseguí
    Marta Moseguí
    Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Joan Pere Jimenez
    Joan Pere Jimenez
    Supply Chain Director
  • Carlos Llorca
    Carlos Llorca
    R&D Director
  • Joan Carles Bernal
    Joan Carles Bernal
    Technology, Processes and Projects Director
  • Andres Pages
    Andres Pages
    General Manager Eurofragance Mexico, Central America and Caribian