The connection between scents and love

The connection between scents and love

Love is literally in the air!

It is Valentine´s Day! Everywhere we find adverts and also people encouraging us to celebrate it, to buy something for the person we love, etc. However, today´s post doesn´t pretend to push you to buy anything. We just want to talk a bit deeper about the connection between scents and love. Do scents affect our feelings? Well, they do! They can have an effect on our mood, our emotions and even on the sexual attraction we feel towards someone! Shocking, isn´t it?

We have previously talked about how scents change our mood or the power of fragrances to create unique atmospheres. But, what about the effect of fragrances on our feelings?

The sense of smell is considered among the five senses in the same way hidden love is considered among all types of love, they both are commonly underestimated but definitely powerful as they have got an intense effect on our daily life. When thinking about a person we love, most of us can remember their body scent, their particular fragrance or their perfume. There is a strong connection between smell and memory.

How do scents affect love? Smells, emotions and sexual response are all processed in the same brain area. Should we then talk about love at first sight or love at first sniff?

Then we could also talk about pheromones, despite not being scientifically demonstrated, these chemical substances that our body could be producing and liberating are believed to be able to reach other people and can produce a response on them. It is thought, though, that not everyone reacts to pheromones in the same way. It is the same than in love, we all don´t fall in love with the same person, nor we like same scents.

Not all of us are fully aware of the importance of the smell in humans and also in animals. To give you an example: did you know that some male butterflies can smell female butterflies even when they are 20 kilometres away?

Moreover, coming back to humans, men and women have different scent preferences, different responses to smells, different feelings. Anyway, the reality is that they all can feel the effect of certain fragrances in their emotions.

That is why at Eurofragance we highlight the importance of the sense of smell through initiatives like the contest “The fragrance of the day” among our employees and by supporting research into different diseases.

We want to be a global leader Capturing Sensations with our fragrances so that they promote well-being and happiness, so that they make you fall in love with life!

And always remember, love is literally in the air!

Eurocaps: a new formula for clothes’ scent to last longer

Eurocaps: a new formula for clothes’ scent to last longer

Eurofragance offers a new system that gives long-lasting qualities to fragrances applied in different products such as fabric softeners and detergents

Eurofragance has designed Eurocaps: a new fragrance delivery system that gives long-lasting qualities to fragrances applied in different products such as fabric softeners, detergents. The main goals: being at the leading edge of innovation and offering our clients the most innovative fragrances.

Eurocaps are encapsulated fragrances, which are deposited onto fabrics during washing.  When the fabric dries, the scent is released both through the free fragrance and through the encapsulated fragrance, which is released upon breaking the capsule. when fabric dries, perfume can release through diffusion and rupture. Therefore, once dry, all the power of the fragrance emerges from the capsule. Among the advantages of the Eurocaps are: the explosion of aromas, the lasting smell and the constant release of freshness. Eurocaps are part of an ambitious research and development plan the company has developed for the coming years.

We believe in constantly investing to improve the quality of our fragrances. This is the basis of all our innovation initiatives. Evidence of this are our automated production processes, the investment in the Colibri Robot in production, quality certifications 9001 and 14001, the latest analytical test and processes and applied technologies all supported by the expansion of our global network of offices and partners.

Some of our consumers´ opinions about this new formula have already been released: “on the go freshness” or “long lasting perfume sensation” are some of the claims.

We will keep researching, creating and implementing the results on fragrances made for wellness. Within our corporate strategy, Business Vitality, we aim to launch new products for new customers in strategic categories that also cover new geographic areas.

To achieve this, we need to work with a global team, pushing to make things happen and going to the extra mile, beyond good work to achieve extraordinary results.

When we work passionately, with dedication, vitality, and energy, great things happen!

Congrats, team!

The heart of Eurofragance

The heart of Eurofragance

Know what moves us

We usually write on this blog about fragrances, business vitality, team building and the marvellous sense of smell. So you all, our fantastic readers, get to know more about the fascinating world of perfume and about our company itself. However, we haven’t talked about Eurofragance´s heart yet.

What moves us? Being an international company with family roots has empowered us to think global without forgetting the importance of local matters.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility Plan aims to help people, help different causes and improve the world we live in. It sounds typical, but it is not. Our Social Responsibility action plan is implemented by collaborating with external projects. We focus on three groups: children and families facing social exclusion, research into diseases and sponsorship.

  • Children and families facing social exclusion. Everyone should have the same right to access to education and live without hunger or elemental needs. To avoid this happen we associate with Educo, Caritas, Casals dels Infants, Fundación Adsis, Fundación Theodora, ASAV, Banc dels aliments, Fundació Natura Bisse and Fundació Nuria Garcia.
  • Research into diseases. To experience the world, feel emotions and capture sensations, we use our five senses. Hence, as a company who pursues capturing sensations, we want help people who have health issues and illnesses like cancer or Alzheimer, for them to have a better quality of life, for them to experience the world without restrictions. So we support organizations such as AECC, FERO, ONCOLLIGA and Fundació Pascual Maragall.
  • Sponsorship. Culture is essential to us because it is one of the most important elements of creativity and innovation. We sponsor cultural societies as the Gran Teatre del Liceu.

Finally, we take this post as a chance to thank our team for their support and collaboration in creating a work environment where heart comes first. Our Eurofragancers always get involved in charity initiatives and also share the values of the company. They are our best ambassadors. They are the veins that keep alive our scented heart.


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