31 05/2016

The perfume makers

May 31st, 2016|Creations, Creativity, Eurofragance vitality, Passion, People|

How important is what we do in life? Everything around us is made by someone. However, we don´t really think how things are made.  We just use things when we need them. Despite of this, all of us have a job, a duty, something we do, something we are responsible of. Doctors, cooks, cleaners, scientists, [...]

14 05/2016

Eurofragance surprises with #REMEMORIES at the Beautyworld Middle East fair

May 14th, 2016|Creations, Eurofragance vitality, Passion|

An innovative collection of six fragrances which invite us to travel back in time thanks to the reinvention of classic perfumery accords Eurofragance evokes our olfactory memories and our innermost feelings in #REMEMORIES, the collection of six fragrances that the company presents this year at the Beautyworld Middle East fair. #REMEMORIES recaptures the most emblematic accords of [...]

10 05/2016

The smell’s memory

May 10th, 2016|Passion, People|

Scents transport us in time and remind us of people, times and places Scents survive throughout the ages. They are involved in different areas of life: personal identity, sexuality, social status or cultural tradition among others. We associate certain aromas with people, moments and places. Smells are able to make us recall moments and sensations [...]