Scents??: find your own dimension

Scents??: find your own dimension

Eurofragance fragrance collection at Beautyworld Middle East 2017 is a result of a superb team work

What would you say if we assure you that you can find your own dimension? Think about a multisensory experience, an experience that awakes all your senses. Go beyond the limits of sensations. Imagine a fragrances collection where you can customize the final scent. Live Scents?, Eurofragance new fragrance collection, exclusively created for the Beautyworld Middle East (BWME) 2017.

This Sunday the most important beauty fair in the Middle East launches its 22nd edition. BWME is an international trade fair for beauty products, hair, fragrances, raw materials and wellbeing. Eurofragance is planning to surprise again, this time with Scents?, a fragrance collection that promises to help you find your own dimension by exploring your senses and creating your own scent.

It seems easy to talk about this amazing collection and introduce it as a “futuristic vision that will reveal unexplored territories and find new ways to perfume your life”.  However, this is a result of a superb team work, and today we want to uncover and recognize the hard and brilliant work behind our new fragrance collection.

How we get to present an amazing collection like Scents?? It all started in September last year, when our Marketing Sensorial Studio started thinking about a concept, a BIG IDEA to bring to our new fragrance collection, something different and innovative. They presented the briefing to Eurofragance´s Management and then, after a BIG YES, it was time for the rest of the teams to start working on this BIG IDEA.

In December, Fragrance development managers and perfumers initiated the fragrances´ design at the same time that Communication & Image department began planning how the stand would look like. In the meanwhile, Marketing Sensorial Studio searched for suppliers, designing graphic supports and choosing the fragrances packaging. Besides, there was also a further team involved which is Applications Sensolab Studio. They had a key role on our Body Care fragrance collection…You will know why soon!

Overall, it has been a cross-departmental project, between our HQ in Barcelona and Dubai, where our PEOPLE, our PASSION and our CREATIVITY have come together to create an unforgettable fragrance collection.

Be ready for a multisensory immersion, unexpected textures and new sensations. Be ready for Scents?. More details coming soon!

Eurofragance presents a Fine Fragrance Genealogy

Eurofragance presents a Fine Fragrance Genealogy

  • Our Marketing and Fragrance Development Departments have compiled the most influential perfumes of recent times in an olfactive genealogy

  • Our perfumers have created six innovative olfactory themes which explore new sensations and predict trends. Keep reading!

Eurofragance presents a Fine Fragrance Genealogy, a fragrance classification that offers a complete overview of today`s most popular fragrances, as well as the most emblematic ones of the last century. Developed by our Marketing and Fragrance Development Departments, this Genealogy is grouped into feminine and masculine fragrances within the eight fragrance families. Perfume fans will find in this compilation exhaustive information on the most influential fragrances.

Over 20 years, we have been registering the most successful and popular fragrances worldwide and have now assembled them into a classification that organizes them by their launch year and fragrance family. Our Marketing and Fragrance Development teams have worked during 6 months and also our perfumers who have created six olfactory themes which explore new sensations and predict trends.

These creations are an example of Eurofragance`s vitality and creativity. The olfactory themes created are: Lady Wood, Feminine Fougere, Eau de Cuir for women and Sweet Addiction, Man in Bloom, Fruitilicious for men.

Lady Wood is a feminine fragrance, intensely rich and mysteriously seductive. It is a deep heart of molten woods surrounded by a juicy fruity blackberry caress.

Feminine Fougere is a tribute to modern femininity – a fascinating combination of grace, strength, and independent spirit as its creators admit-. It is a reinvention of the modern feminine fougere.

Eau de Cuir is a captivating fragrance that evokes the power of attraction. Built around leather, rose and everlasting flower, its sophisticated, mysterious and intense scent makes it perfect to reveal your powerful and seductive side.

Sweet Addiction is composed of a creamy almond milk mixed with fresh spicy cardamom and delicious pistachio for an irresistibly sweet and addictive masculine scent.

Man in Bloom, a floral fragrance “for the man who defies convention and resists the ordinary every day, finding satisfaction in the unexpected”. This fragrance is a provocative blend of ozonic salty notes and flowers and liberates the senses. It is fresh, clean and profoundly sensual.

Fruitilicious, a scent where the juicy facet of peach and nectarine is mixed with vetiver to create a magical mist that envelops the body as a second skin. This is a magnetic perfume.

We have explored new olfactory territories as we are a visionary company. Our essence, “PEOPLE, PASSION & CREATIVITY” is imprinted in these creations. Furthermore, if any customer is interested in these olfactory themes, our perfumers will adapt them to produce innovative fine fragrances that go ahead of trends. Actually, these olfactory themes might become the type of perfumes that will be worn in the future.

We are capturing sensations!


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