The endless applications of our fragrances

The endless applications of our fragrances

Find out in which products you can find Eurofragance fragrances

We always try to show you all, our beloved readers, the inner heart of Eurofragance. We expose our projects, our challenges, our goals, our fragrance collections for international fairs, our corporate culture. We want to share with you our future plans as well as our past learnings or present ventures.

And here it comes this article, written with the aim to explain to you what we really do, where you can find our fragrances or what they are used for. Ready?

Clients all around the world

Eurofragrance fragrances are designed and produced for many different clients all around the world. These clients add our fragrance to their product and sell it to the final consumer. Hence, the importance to comprehend different cultures and consumers´ needs. Regarding this matter we count on our Sensorial Marketing Team, four Creative Centres, the Applications Sensolab Studio and our multicultural team to get the right input from every market we work in. They all are extremely important in the process of designing and creating fragrances.

We have been producing fragrances for over 25 years and keeping a depth knowledge of market and product trends to offer unique and competitive solutions to our customers. Our global team of highly qualified individuals offers – through their experience, state-of-the-art technologies and the best raw materials – original fragrances that create trends in the market.

You can check Eurofragance facilities around the world here.

Products within Fine Fragrance, Body Care and Household sectors

Our fragrances are used for different products in consumer life, all under the umbrella of three different segments: Fine Fragrance, Body Care and Household. So, you can find our fragrances in products such as perfumes, body lotions, shower gels, shampoos, facial creams, skincare oils, air fresheners, detergents, softeners, candles, etc. You may now be smelling one of our scents, who knows.

We work in partnership with our clients in order to make their products those chosen by consumer. How? Creating fragrances that add value to the final product. For instance, fragrances for body lotions that boost relaxation, or fragrances for detergents that spread a “freshness” feeling, or scents for air fresheners that create a welcoming environment.

Eurofragance boosts creativity and innovation in all its departments since we firmly believe in the ability that these two assets have to get the best fragrances. We ensure a high standard quality in all our creations along with a surprising feeling when you smell them. Our main aim is to Capture Sensations through our fragrances.

Feng Shui and aromatherapy, where wellness starts

Feng Shui and aromatherapy, where wellness starts

What do we know about the philosophy behind Feng Shui and the role of fragrances on it?

Feng Shui is a philosophical method coming from China and consisting of harmonizing the environment that surrounds us so this environment has got a positive effect on ourselves and our visitors.

This method is usually practiced in different places: houses, offices, buildings, etc. Furthermore, the well-known five elements are essential for Feng Shui: water, metal, earth, fire and wood. They represent nature`s energy.

According to Feng Shui, the way we organize furniture, decoration and rooms -either at home, office or buildings- has got an effect on our mood and wellbeing. So, it is time to re-think how we dispose different objects in our surrounding environments.

You might be wondering what fragrances have to do with Feng Shui. Well, the scents we choose for our personal space or our company`s offices are also important to create pleasant atmospheres, rooms where we feel relaxed, we feel good. We have previously talked about the power of fragrances to create unique atmospheres. Hence, the value that fragrances add to the practice of Feng Shui.

Some scents have a pleasant effect on us, boost our energy, make us relaxed…Imagine then a room where everything is just in the right place and where the air is fragranced with scents like jasmine, lavender, peppermint, lemon or rose, depending on your emotions and your taste.

It is actually common that specific fragrances have an effect on our mood, on our feelings and emotions. This leads us to a practice called aromatherapy, which is based on the belief that various natural scents have an intrinsic ability to influence mood, cognition and health. For example, jasmine is used to relieve anger, increase confidence, ease depression and as aphrodisiac while lavender is good to relax and peppermint is best for relieving stress.

Are you ready to improve your wellbeing by practicing Feng Shui along with aromatherapy? Have a look at your surrounding environment, what would you change? Now, smell the room you are in. Do you like the scent or you would rather choose another air freshener?

At Eurofragance, our perfumers, fragrance evaluators, sensorial marketing teams and technical application experts work together to design the perfect fragrance combination for a welcoming environment.

Expertise, creativity, passion and technology are key to create fragrances for products such as air fresheners, candles, detergents, softeners…The main purpose: to offer wellbeing through our fragrances.

Because wellness starts at our surrounding environment.

Why we choose buying perfume on Christmas?

Why we choose buying perfume on Christmas?

An appealing fragrance can be the best of presents

Have you noticed that perfume ads are increasing on TV? It is that time of the year. It is the moment when we start thinking what to buy for our loved ones for Christmas. Perfume is always a good choice. But, be careful, you need to know well the person you are buying the perfume for.

Who doesn´t like to receive an enchanting fragrance for Christmas? It is like receiving clothes. Perfume is something you will wear. Most of us like to change our perfume according to the season we are in. So, as we have told you previously, it is really common for consumers to have a “scents wardrobe”.

Perfumes make us dream about different universes; they take us back in time; remind us different feelings, and help us have sensorial experiences. Furthermore, Christmas is one of those moments of the year when we are more open to feel, to love, to dream and to enjoy.

Eurofragance headquarters, offices and centres are especially perfumed these days. You can sense the spiced and sweet olfactory notes of our products. On Christmas our production increases as brands want to launch special products and we work hard to deliver clients´ requested fragrances on time.

The fragrances we create during this season are designed for perfumes and also other products such as candles or body care lotions.

Our experts tell us the most common scents in winter are those which are hypnotising, sweet, wooded and spiced. It is a cold season so we prefer warm perfumes.

This year the trend both for men and women perfumes is the same: oriental style. We now go for spiced scents, woody scents and scents with components like leather. Gourmand fragrances are still in fashion but they are more sophisticated and faceted.

Other question we are lately discussing about is the public preference for niche scents instead of well-known brands scents. In this case, both options are recommended. Niche perfumes offer us more presumptuous fragrances and allow us to be different. However, traditional brands are innovating more and more in order to keep their market share. So, this is entirely up to you.

At Eurofragance we are already enjoying the fragrances you will soon smell at shops…Exciting!

Have you already decided what type of perfume you will buy for Christmas?

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