14 06/2017

Sport fragrances: not a trend but a new sector

June 14th, 2017|Consumer trends, Creations, Eurofragance vitality|

There are scents specifically created for cosmetic products used before, during or after doing sport People do more exercise. That´s a fact. Nowadays, we all are aware of the benefits that a healthy lifestyle has on our health and our wellbeing. Running, swimming, cycling, paddling, every one of us prefers one sport to another but [...]

14 09/2016

Aromatherapy: how scents change our mood

September 14th, 2016|Consumer trends, Creations, Eurofragance vitality|

There is no scientific proof, no certain evidence. However, the fact is that some scents have got an effect on our mood, on our feelings and emotions hence on our well-being. This leads us to explore a practice called aromatherapy. According to Rachel S. Hertz, psychologist and a cognitive neuroscientist, aromatherapy is based on the [...]

7 07/2016

Fragrances bring a hedonic value to Body Care Products

July 7th, 2016|Consumer trends, Creations|

The sensorial and olfactive opportunities that fragrances offer to body care products are endless What is your favourite scent? Would you believe us if we assured you that you can get the scent you love on a cosmetic product? Generally, we buy a good fine perfume when we think about our body odour. However, considering the [...]